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  1. Tom
    I have beer and its not afraid to use me
  2. Tom
    I have coffee and I'm not afraid to use it
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    2. Icky
      On my 3rd cup before 11:00 am. Slug Life. ;)
      Feb 17, 2017
  3. Icky
    I want the zombie apocalypse to coincide with an alien invasion. <looks upwards, downwards, upwards> ;)
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    2. Kevin
      If you haven't seen it already, you need to watch "Impulse" (S3:E5) from ST:Enterprise! ;)
      Feb 16, 2017
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    3. Tom
      Feb 17, 2017
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    4. Icky
      Lol! Why not!
      Feb 17, 2017
  4. Jalkesteir
    I hate summer. Winter brings with it labor..and the chances of deaths.. but my heart isnt' as pink or pleasant as it is when the flakes fall
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  5. Kevin
    Getting ready for snow! Might have to actually get the snow blower out of the garage.
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  6. Xiggy
    Feeling... groovy!
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  7. Larry Zweig
    Larry Zweig
    What's So Bad About Feelin' Good?!
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  8. Tom
    People are strange but I am stranger still
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  9. Spacekat Tommy
    Spacekat Tommy
    For the good of all of us, except the ones that are dead. Grim sci-fi whenever possible.
  10. Richvader
  11. DreamingRedRobbie
    DreamingRedRobbie jaguarstigress
    Hey there. :)... I accidently posted a bunch of my drawings onto your album. I was trying to add the art to my page, and well, I'm not very good with computers. So, unintentionally, I have clogged the communities page. And believe me, I have looked for a way to delete them, just leaving one, or two. But, I can't find anyway to delete.
  12. DreamingRedRobbie
    DreamingRedRobbie Tom
    Was not my intention to clog that up.. I have looked, and looked, and looked. Can you please tell me how to delete these pictures? ~ I'm new to facebook, alien soup and you tube.. It's all rather confusing. (((( FIRST HALF ON NOTE BELOW. :)
  13. DreamingRedRobbie
    DreamingRedRobbie Tom
    Hey there Tom.. Have another Q for yah, if you wouldn't mind. In albums, I posted a bunch of drawings. I should have looked better. I thought that I was creating something for my page. Instead, it looks as though I have gone and clogged up the communities album.
  14. Kevin
    Kevin cbt13
    Welcome to the Soup!
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  15. Kevin
    Kevin Xanadu Falls Movie
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  16. Kevin
    Kevin Shantay
    Welcome, Shantay!
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  17. Kevin
    Kevin westpat
    Westpat, welcome! :)
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  18. Kevin
    Kevin Mokraga
    Mokraga, welcome to the Soup! :)
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  19. Cindy
    Cindy Parasitic Ego
    Cute cat! :)
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  20. Tom
    I am Severely Alive today
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