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My book.

Discussion in 'Books' started by BBHartwich, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. BBHartwich

    BBHartwich Cadet

    Feb 7, 2013
    Vancouver WA
    Read Freelance Fighter, the first book in the Lindman Story Series by author B. B. Hartwich…

    The second that Kront pulled the Lindman out of hyperspace, he could see that the Handlons had, indeed, stripped the ship apart for spare pieces and valuables. “Damn savages! They should all be hung and shot,” Kront yelled. “Nielson! Scan for survivors.”
    Nielson gradually turned the signal button to the right, increasing it to maximum power. “Sir, there’s a signal! It’s faint, but definitely a life form.”

    PART 2, YEAR 2743: WORLD’S END
    Kront raised an eyebrow and scanned his troops. “There must be a rat somewhere in our ranks. Only a handful of people outside of this ship know what we’re doing.”
    Helena took over the conversation. “We’re starting an internal investigation. If you do not cooperate, you will be arrested and immediately deported to the prison on Planet Grildoom.”

    It was obvious Daniel had left in a hurry. Drawers, clothes, files, papers—everything was scattered around the room. “Damn,” Helena muttered aloud, “I’ll be lucky to find anything in here.” She walked over to Daniel’s closet and opened the door. BOOM! A huge explosion sounded. She was thrown back against the wall so hard that everything quickly went black.

    Join Captain Kront Tallin and his crew of Freedom Fighters aboard the intergalactic shuttle the Lindman as it roams through space, defying odds and making the ultimate sacrifice. What do they find aboard the Grimond Wolf shuttle in Part I? Who is the traitor in Part II? Will Helena survive the blast in Daniel’s room, or will the ship lose an important member of its crew? Come soar between the stars from a seat at the Bridge of the Lindman.

    Check out my Blog for more information on my book.

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