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Tabletop RPG Development Thread

Discussion in 'Games' started by StoneWolf, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. StoneWolf

    StoneWolf Father, Husband, CAD Drafter, Reader

    Mar 20, 2017
    Awhile back an (ex) friend of mine & myself started to develop a brand new table top role-play system.

    I wanted to continue the work & wondered if I posted the docs would anyone be interested in reviewing or expanding on the work with me?

    The basic idea is based around opposed roles, with dice size determined by attributes & number of dice by skill level.

    The system is hitpoint less, with hit locations, with armor deducting from damage, and a universal damage chart. (The better the hit, the more the damage)

    Weapons would have individual stats that affect to hit or to damage vs armor types & have special effects like "bleed".

    Damage ramps up (in each location) in type, from
    10 bruise/cut points = 1 wound
    10 wounds = 1 structure

    Once structure is overcome, limb is severed. (Structure values vary by race & size) or if you use up head or trunk structure, you dead.

    Bruised/cut locations suffer minor impairment to associated skills, Wounds incur major skill penalties.

    Anyways...Any takers?

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