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    Loss Of Innocence

    Im reading this for the second time...the first time just isnt as good as the second :)
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    hottest person on alias

    Yeah I agree with you one hundred percent You can make us decide without having another option lol
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    roses ru red violets ru blu

    WHAT GET OUT???!?!?! YOU KIDDING ME!!! HOLY felgercarb WOW HE IS GOOD!! I loved his accent it was soo hot :biggrin:
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    Gag Reel

    And straight after that is that Michael Vartans laugh?? its like ah hargh hargh hargh lol Yeah I would have to say season one is great they are all great all leave me in tears lol
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    What is the funniest episode in Alias history?

    But Marshall is a funny guy How about when Marshall was on the phone to his son and he said this "Hush... hush... hush little Mitchell, don't you cry. Daddy's here to teach you about Lanthanides. Cerium is first, yes it leads the way. Hexagonal structure and it's iron gray. Praseodymium is...
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