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    Tell Me Lies

    What an intriguing plot line, Helen! And congrats on finishing NaNo! I loved that this started out like an episode and that we get a balanced view of Sydney's life. :lol: You've captured Francie's voice perfectly here. Sooo intriguing! My goodness, you're brilliant! ^_^ A spy unable to...
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    SD-1 Refugees

    Oo! Nice camera! My digital is not an SLR, but it is great for everyday stuff. My dad's side job was photography, so he stuck a camera in my hand at a very young age and film was all that was available. I learned on a German Rolleiflex, medium format twin lens reflex, and had to manually set ss...
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    SD-1 Refugees

    Helen, what do you shoot with? My main camera is a 20-year old Nikon with an assortment of lenses. Film, I know, but it still does an amazing job whilst I dream about the D80. ^_^ Do you have Dixon all loaded now? Yep, Frodo! :lol: The kids named him back in their LOTR-frenzied days...
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    SD-1 Refugees

    Wow, logged in today and there is a brand new thread! :D My kids and I are watching the Cubs/Padres game and there was a huge fight earlier! :blink: Geez...behave! :P It's 92F/33.33C here. :pinch: prime, how is your dad doing? :hug: I'm looking forward to getting to know you more...
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    SD-1 Refugee Thread-The Sequel

    Hey Lucky! :hug: Great to meet you, too! What are you studying? Pop culture rocks! Very nice to meet you, Meloh! :hug: Congrats on graduating! We have something in common with the out-of-state job searching - what a challenge, eh? Six-year old are so chatty and fun! :D
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    Six Degrees of Alias

    Frankie Muniz guest-starred on Spin City Which also guest-starred Jennifer Garner Adrian Grenier
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    A-Z of alias #4

    Osaka P is for...
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    SD-1 Refugee Thread-The Sequel

    Wow, y'all have made me feel at home already! :hug: It's wonderful to meet everyone. :oldhi: Thank you for the hello! prime, you're fortunate to have each other. My mom and dad are both gone now, but I remember how those struggles brought us together in a way the good times never could...
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    Six Degrees of Alias

    Cillian Murphy was in Batman Begins with Rutger Hauer who played Geiger on Alias. John Goodman
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    SD-1 Refugee Thread-The Sequel

    As a displaced sd-1 member, I was so happy to find this thread and hope it's okay to come in and say hello. :) prime, my heart goes out to you and your father. You sound like a wonderful, dedicated daughter. My mom went through cancer three times and know what a trying experience it is for...
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    The Fray - Vienna
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    Six Degrees of Alias

    Kevin Coster is starring in Mr. Brooks with Lindsay Crouse, who played Carson Evans on Alias. Dakota Fanning
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    See Jane Write - Sarah Mlynowski & Farrin Jacobs
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    What movie did you just watch?

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    State of Grace

    Thanks for the pm. Good chapter! I'm not surprised that Irina would contact Sydney through Sark. I think even Jack had an inkling that Irina was behind it. :ponder: I have no problem believing that Sark would offer to help Sydney. He has always admired her as an adversary, despite many of...