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    this or that 2

    Season 2 for sure! Nadia or no Nadia?
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    roses ru red violets ru blu

    Roses are Red Violets are Blue Vaughn was Dead I wish Sark got the clue For all of us unrepresented Sarkney lovers.
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    hottest person on alias

    Sark for sure. He's just swoon worthy. I'm so sad... but not surprised, no one voted for marshall... No nerd lovers here? But yes... Sark Sark Sark He's my Man If he can't kill you No one can! :wink:
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    What is the funniest episode in Alias history?

    I voted for A Higher Echelon just cause of Dixon's line "I speak nine languages and techno is not one of them!" made me laugh so hard. But the funniest ep ever to me has to be in season 4 when APO goes into lockdown and Syd is buried alive and Marshall is the only one who can save her. I mean...
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    this or that 2

    Anna all the way... Though Lauren was pretty sneaky.. Still, I just did not like her :wacko: Sark and Rachel action or Tom and Rachel action?
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    A-Z of alias #4

    Quak! (is what Sloane is when he's running Omni Fam) R is For....
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    It would N-E-V-E-R!

    Haha that'd be pretty sweet! I loved Kendall, he was funny... but in a twisted way of course. Hmmm... Sark, Simon and other baddies undercover as N*Sync doing the 'bye bye bye' dance. A flashback to Sydney in JR. High and looks just like how she explained herself to Will. All squinty eyes...
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    It would N-E-V-E-R!

    Alright I need to do this. This is one I saw at another site and might already be on here but.... Irina: Where's my Midol?! And one from me. Syd and Sark are in the conference room at Sd-6. They are getting debriefed from a mission they went on together and Sloane praises Sark on a job...
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    Song Title Game!

    Turn the Beat Around- Gloria Estefan
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    season finales make me sad

    I'll be depressed to see Kyle XY go. Hopefully it comes back next summer!
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    Alias Quote Conversations

    You're cute but I'll pass.
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    Alright, I just joined Nationstates! I'm 'The Empire of Swankness' and I've been classifed a corrupt dictatorship... I'm not that corrupt... :rolleyes: Anyways.... Anyone know an Alias region? I keep trying Project_Blackhole but it says it's not a region... Hmm... :huh:
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    I just got EYE CONTACTS!

    Well when I got mine, I was really not into them. But my parents MADE me wear them so what I did was just put them in and tried to not think about them. You just go and ride a bike or something to get your mind off of things in your eyes. Hmm.. what else? Always make sure they're clean...
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    New chick on the block

    Hey all, I'm new here, just transferred in from Sd-1 *sighs*. I'm looking forward to getting into this site too. My name is Sam and you may know me as Aliasfreek4life. :blush: I'm living the High School experience and am a major Alias fanatic! I end up here at the end of the day to relieve the...