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    Waxing Poetically in the Parking Lot

    Amy... Lovin' the original fiction. I always wondered how you'd be writing your own stuff, since you write Alias fanfic so well, and I must say...I was was not disappointed. I really enjoyed it...and am ever hopeful you might continue because I really liked the narrator's voice and the tone...
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    Name the Stakes

    SUZZZZZZZZI... Where have you been? :down: I can stalk just as effectively in London than when I was in Florida, so... :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
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    noah and syd

    Oh, to go the rest of my life without hearing that dreaded 'S' word. :rolleyes: But, I liked Noah and Syd. I thought he was a strong character and they had really great chemistry unlike some other couples on the show. I would have definitely been all for Syd/Noah. :)
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    Sorry this has taken so long. I had to scrounge up a beta from one of my old contacts. Heh. :blush: Anyway, here is Part Two. I'm going to do some individual thanks laters. It's past three in the morning here and I'm just...beat. That said, enjoy! ;) Special thanks to: Lindsay (SVS)...
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    Politics 2004 Presidential Election

    Heh. :lol: And we agree on that point.
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    Your Desktop

    Came back to edit my earlier post with my new wallpaper to find said post delightfully gone. New wallpaper:
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    Politics 2004 Presidential Election

    Well, rich people are rich. Hence, the 'rich' before the people. See? ;) And ummm...some provide jobs to people, but that's really such an incredible generalization. Some are trust fund babies who sit on their asses and collect royalties. And some are hard-working, comendable individuals...
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    Politics 2004 Presidential Election

    To be fair, I'm not an American. I did live there for a considerable length of time, however, and did study both American politics and constitutional law extensively, so...humor me, I guess? ;) On the topic of Bush versus Kerry, they really are so different from one another that it's...
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    Title: Chimera Author: Dita Rating: R (violence, sex, mentions of suicide attempts) Ship: Sydney/Sark Timeline: Post-Telling in the distant, murky AU future. S3? Nope, never happened in this fic. Genre: Look, ma, no angst. This is as close to fluffy as Sarkney ever gets. Not really angst; I’d...
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    sarkney smut challenge

    Yaaaaaaaayyy! Can't wait to read and re-read all these lovely fics! Good luck to all who entered! :D
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    Sark's Assassins

    Thanks guys for all the sweet thoughts. :) :blush: But am back! Sooner than expected and in London... Nice, pretty London where I'm ever hopeful to catch sight of my future husband Prince William. :lol: ;) I'm also quite discouraged to see few people have updated their fanfics...
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    Expose Me *Author's Note*

    Ammmmmmyyyyy...! I'm so glad there's been an update. I've been pining for some 'Expose Me'. Heh. ;) And I just noticed that you posted an unsure, shifty-eyed smilie outside on the topic title. Amy! Why? You've got nothing to be unsure about, darling, this is wonderful fanfic... ;) I...
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    Your Desktop

    My new desktop:
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    Sark's Assassins

    ^ Ohhhh... I will most definitely check that out, Les. :D Anyway, fellow Sark fanatics, my main reason for posting... I'm moving to London today (very sudden; boyfriend's father not doing well), so I'm leaving you all for a bit. I have no idea what crazy internet access thing they have going...
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    Sarkney Art

    :thud: :thud: :thud: :thud: :thud: Les... I ADORE it!!!! It's so lovely; the pics of Sark you used are gorgeous. And the way you incorporated the lyrics... EEEEEEEE!!!! :reallyexcited: Thank you so much!! I LOVE it! Am rushing off to put it in my sig! :D Thanks again!