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    C & C My newest =O

    Thanks I used those colors cause the forum layout that it was for xD
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    Request SH Pick Up

    not bad I think the reflection should fade near the bottom of the tag though
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    C & C Vector Attempt

    OH WOW that is so hawt. I love it so much.
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    Who will you vote for President?

    Obama. If by some odd chance he doesnt win... Im moving to canada =)
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    C & C My newest =O

    lol thanks xD and erm things you think ishould fix or change? xD
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    Thank you for the welcome^^
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    C & C My newest =O

    This is my newest gfx that I made last night for my site. Some CnC please :gee:
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    I dont think I ever posted an intro so here I am. XD Im Kyo =D Nice to meet you =) :thumbs_up: :shade:
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    GFX SOTW #7 Entries
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