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    Touched by You

    this story is sooo cool... are you updating every day??? keep up the good work :) thanks, ABV
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    In the Wake of Yesterday

    awwwww soo cute plz update soon... thanks, ABV
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    Loss Of Innocence

    i just found this story... and i have to say... I LOVE IT!!!!! plz plz plz update soon... and can i plz get a pm thanks, ABV
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    The In-Between

    awww... i love this story alreay!!!!! plz plz plz update soon thanks, ABV
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    Shadow of Deceit

    haha love this story... yay finaly someone is using australia!!! plz plz plz dont wait this long to update again!!! thanks, ABV
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    Train Wreck

    i love this story... every chapter get better plz plz plz update sooner some of us cant wait this long!!! thanks, ABV
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    Walk a mile in each other's shoes

    ok... i am like this close *hold 2 fingers 1 mm apart* to die'n' cos this fic has not been updated in forever... i know you said that you would... but i live in adelaide and people here are soooooo not known for their waiting skills... so plz plz plz GET A MOVE ON... please ... and i mean...
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    Dirty Little Secret

    *gigles* love it thanks, ABV
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    oh my god!!!! i love it!!!! plz plz plz continue soon!!! i acctually thought that this was another story (one i dont read but i cant be bothered getting off the pm list) cos i read soooo many stories that i get the titles (and sometimes even the plot) mixed up... so that is why you havent...
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    Shadow of Deceit

    oh my god i love this story... it is my fave type... the irina took sydney type!!! please please please update soon!!!!!!! cos if you dont i will go mad!!!! oh and when you do can you please pm me??? thanks, ABV
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    In the Wake of Yesterday

    hay are you going to update soon??? because i love this story and i woud hate to see it turn in to one of those fics that just gets forgoten about... anyway please pm me... i cant remember if you do pm's or not :blush: thanks, ABV
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    awwww... drunk wiess is so much fun... probably even more fun than sober wiess... great update... thanks for the pm update soon!!! thanks, ABV
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    Train Wreck

    um... ok... well i wasnt expecting that... but with each question this story gets better and better... plz plz plz update sooner than last time... and plz continue to pm me when you do. thanks, ABV
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    nice they was kiss'n' thanks for the pm... thanks, ABV
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    Fish Feet

    hay everyone... sorry it took me so long to update... but i have reasently started year 11 at highschool and this year goes to my SACE... it may take a bit of time to get the next chapter done (i havent even stated it yet), cos at the moment i havent even really got the time to read and reply...
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