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    Gerard Butler thunk thread

    time to have this thread up again since "300" is out....beautiful man...sigh..
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    Related to or know anyone famous?

    my friends cousin is james of the smashing punkins
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    Angelina Jolie

    great for her...
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    The Cut

    well, chris won...kinda saw it coming...
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    i'm always humming like mig or marty
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    Big Brother US

    i cheered so hard when janelle left...maggie is going to win it and ivette knows it......i'm happy for maggie..i knew she would take it..
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    Politics New Pope!

    i'm not much of a fan of this pope..he disapproves of married couple using science to have a children like vitro...come on aren't we way passed saying rock n roll music is from the devil..thats just going back...yea... he may have a different name ..but same mind...
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    MLB 2005 Season

    I hope my boys can keep it up and prove that u don't need 500 to win..its heart and those long
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    Your 10 Favorite Bands

    1.Pearl Jam 2.No Doubt 3.weezer 4.Green Day 5.Dashboard Confessional 6.The Who 7.The Beatles 8.Alice in Chains 9.The Ramomes 10.nirvana
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    I hear their going back into the studio some new nd stuff next year...i hope
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    Rachel McAdams

    out of all the new actresses coming out...i like her the most...
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    Cillian Murphy

    when i saw him in 28 Days Later..oh man ....i was hooked...just a beautiful man
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    Angelina Jolie

    can't agree more..i think was drooling when they were together
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    The Inside

    i hate fox.....i mean it now!
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    Gerard Butler thunk thread

    a thread...ty..been in love with this man since dracula 2000.....any of u seen mrs.brown...he running around all natural..hehehe..yea..
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