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    Season 5 Callsigns

    Oracle is a computer database program.... Rachel is a computer genius.... what else is there to this... Rachel is not mentioned by rambaldi
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    Season 5 Nadia Cure

    what if they recreated the Meuller Device and had the red ball turning the other direction. Wouldn't a mini Meuller Device suffice... kind of like the killer bees in one of the episodes with Sloane Clone?
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    Season 4 S.A.B 47?

    MV to be "the chosen one's" protector. My thought exactly. I think Vaughn is really her protector and therefore had to be undercover and is actually a follower working with the DSR.
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    Season 4 Worst Cliffhanger Yet?

    Season 3 clifhanger was the worst... we never did REALLY find out what those papers said. We know that it had to do with Project Christmas and the number 47 but I honestly do not see that as ever having been a clifhanger. Now last night's clifhanger... that was good... I mean who would have...
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    Season 4 this is getting dumb

    Needless to say that I was COMPLETLY and UTTERLY shocked at the end but I knew that there would be some extreme large cliffhanger and then BAM there it was. After thinking about it last night and this morning I have a small theory. Maybe Vaughn isn't "necessarialy" a bad guy. Maybe he is part...
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    Season 5 Season 5 thought

    You know it could be possible since she has to serve a life sentence that she will be a guest performer to aid Syd and Jack and APO in saving the world. What does OTOH mean?
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    Season 5 Season 5 thought

    Hey all - I am new to this but I have a really cool speculation. What if Irina Derevko stayed as a permanant part of APO? Do you think that might be possible? I mean they took her in there and she was not blindfolded and all like "Sloan Clone." Could it be possible that after destroying...
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