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    Season 4 Undo Sydney?

    The only part of this show that I think is an accident was "Vaughn" actually falling in love with Syd. I think he was put in the CIA as a plant by Sloane who was looking into taking SD-6 down anyway. Sloane had to do it slowly as not to draw attention, so he implemented "Vaughn" as his double...
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    Season 5 ALL Sydney pregnancy threads

    I really hope that they handle this tastefully. The worst thing for the show right now would be to make this child a result of a Rambaldi scheme...I truly think people wouldn't stand for it. I personally believe that the best option is to make the kid one of Vaughn's; it would draw in the...
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    I think it's a reall great idea. I'm on board.
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    I think it's a really good idea. We all love the show so much, why don't we try to be a little more creatively involved
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