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    Web Stuff How much are you paying monthly?

    I paid $20 up front for the year. I'll probably have to pay something soon though as we must be coming close to our account limits now.
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    Web Stuff How many forums do you own?

    I own one forum with three domains pointing at it. :)
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    Web Stuff Free vs. Paid forum software

    I looked at vB for my forum when I decided I needed to get rid of phpBB. It was around the time of the price hikes and the release of vB4 and I decided MyBB was a better option mainly based on the price increase. Had I looked 6 months earlier I'd probably have stumped up for a vB licence. No...
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    Web Stuff How long have you been running forums?

    Pet Forums has been open for one year tomorrow. I've been admin on a couple of other sites before that but this is my first site that I actually own. :)
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    Web Stuff Favorite forum software?

    MyBB is the best IMO. I was keen on vB3 but it's becoming dated and vB4 is awful. I've never really been a fan of IPB. Xenforo is looking like a strong contender, will be interesting to try that out when it's released.
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    But the rest of it is pretty good. It's worth watching it I think, just be prepared for a rubbish ending, it gave us something to talk about anyway. :blink:
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    What do you think about Paris Hilton?

    I enjoyed her movies. :wink: She's doing alright money wise to say she's thick, I think it's all an act tbh.
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    Comedy My Name is Earl

    I haven't watched My Name is Earl for a while. I didn't realise that it had been cancelled though, are you sure? :unsure:
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    Politics You Can't Ban VEGEMITE!

    Vegemite is awesome, we have it here in the UK. Much better than that muck named Marmite. :blink: Why is Vegemite/folate not allowed to be imported to the US?
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    Couldn't have said it better myself. I really enjoyed this movie until the 'people' came on the scene - it ruined the whole movie! It's the first time I've ever said to people "watch this movie it's really good but be prepared to be disappointed by the ending because it's rubbish". :wacko:
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    Ed was a great show, I suppose I can't have loved it that much though as I only realised it wasn't still on when I saw this thread. :rolleyes:
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    Sorry for the lame introduction title, but what else can I say? Hello everyone! I'm AJ. I enjoy a wide variety of TV programmes, mainly junk like FlashForward, Shameless and The Mentalist. I also like to watch the odd animal documentary. I'm not so hot on the reality shows. :smile: