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    Jasper Fforde

    I Love Jasper Fforde, his ideas are sooo original and completely wacky though he manages to keeps up a running social commentary. Has anyone else read any of his books? :smile:
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    Was the Buffy or Angel finale better?

    I honestly couldn't decide between them cause they were both great... so i just picked Angel cause it was my favourite show out of the two. I liked Buffy because even though Anya died (the single most saddest death ever) it gave hope for a happy ending and hope. But Angel was a sad and...
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    Possible Connor sighting?

    I personally like Connor, he was, i think, the singulary most unfairly treated characters in the universe. I mean first Holtz, then Cordy, then Jasmine he never stood a chance. His attitude really pissed me off and it took a long time for me to warm up to him but he could have been a really...
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    Spike deserves to be human more

    Ok i'm a little late for this but i thought i'd give my opinion. As much as I love Spike (he is one of my favourite characters) I still think Angel deserves to be human more. As someone said before (i can't remember who) but Angel has had to give up so much from Connor and Buffy and all the...
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    Which Buffy or Angel Episode Made You The Most Sad

    Buffy: Prophecy girl (when she throws the book at giles and rips off Angel's cross), innocence, becoming pt II, passion, the gift, the body, selfless :cry: , chosen (when Xander was shouting at Anya and she was lying in front of the screen, broke my heart) probably others that i can't remember...
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    Last One Standing

    wow that was really good please write a sequal :D
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    this looks really interesting can i please get a pm
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    Better Than Me

    i read this on Allies like an hour ago and i absolutely loved it. man it was sad but still really good thanks for the pm
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    o this looks interesting can i get a pm please
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    Dear Anna

    hows she gonna get out of this one thanks for the pm
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    Loss Of Innocence

    wow that was great can't wait for more can i please be on the pm list
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    Dear Anna

    this sounds really good can i please get a pm
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    The Other Side of The Tracks

    this is good can i get a pm
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    We've Got Something Here

    omg a sequal im soo excited can't wait for more can i please get a pm
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    Far Too Long

    wow Michael is a jerk... he'd better fix this soon thanks for the pm