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    Season 5 "My Name isnt Michael Vaughn Spoiler"

    Uh.....If they make Vaughn a direct desendant from Rambaldi... it'll piss me off big time...besides that's impossible isn't it? since you know Sydney was supposed to produce his heir
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    "Alias" 2006 Calendar

    I have to go on the search for one of those in the stores though I doubt I'll one...stupid Newfoundland doesn't stock anything fun
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    Season 3 dvd

    For Canadians too!! unless you meant North Americans...but I loved it!! it was so made really hopeful that by some fluke chance one day I'll be able to do an audio commentary for Alias....that would be wicked!!! it was kinda fun though to hear the commentary from another fan's...
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    Season 4 DVD

    I can't wait until we get the box cover...although they never show the best part of when you remove the plastic thing and you get a whole new box cover... I was like whoa!! when I opened my season 2 and when I opened season 3 I did a little dance because they had got rid of Lauren
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    Alias DVD sets

    All three seasons so far and i'll be adding season four to my collection once it comes out...I probably get it for Christmas as my family knows that's all i'll ask for and I really don't have the money to buy it :)
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    When is the season 4 DVD's coming out

    hehehe....pancake...i love that!!!....anyways when is season 4 coming out on DVD?.... my guess would probably be september some time as that's when they released the other ones (except for season 2 that was released in december)
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    Last letter game!

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    Season 5 Season 5 theories

    hmmm...I'm really likin' the DSR theory about now as that is what makes the most sense but just a little question... when Syd was recruted (sp?) to the CIA the DSR didn't know she was the chosen one yet as that page of the Rambaldi manuscript hadn't been deciphered or even found yet... but I'm...
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    Season 5 More details on the "big" finale spoiler

    OMG!!!...and imagine I was going to stay away from spoilers this gald I didn't...*Dances around the room with delight*
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    Season 4 Weiss not in APO...

    This is so wicked!! I have a feeling Alias will get back on track now... sort of a season 2 feel to it in my Vaughn said "Last year sucked" (I absolutely loved that line BTW) Can't wait to see what else is coming.. assuming that it sticks to a good storyline and doesn't get caught...
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    Character Loss

    What? We lost Sark?....Since when?....I haven't been on in ages but OMG!!!
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    Season 4 Vaughn...????

    NO!! enough said
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    Season 5 Oracle *Spoilers* for S4

    Question: now that Alias isn't set to kick off until January...will it still be moved to Wednesday night? or do we even know at this point. About the whole season finale thing....left me kinda confused not like season 2 when I couldn't sleep for like a week I was so excited....I wanna know more...
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    All This Time

    OMG!! this was well worth the wait...hope we don't have to wait so long for the next bit...can't wait to see what happens Melissa ^_^
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    Season 5 Return of Danny?

    Ok...he's dead! it's been three seasons since his death...if he were gonna be alive they would've done it by now Melissa ^_^
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