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    Season 4 Sydney's cell phone

    wow :blink: dont hate me, but i have a motorola razr v3 :) and i didnt even notice that syd has the same :blush: but I bought it before i saw it on the show :rolleyes: and i didnt pay $400! :blink: i got it for free from my provider because i changed my contract. :innocent: and about...
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    who are you from ALIAS?

    I got Sydney which totally surprised me, cos i thought I would be more a marshall type :lol: anyway, my sis took the test also and she got jack bristow :lol: ROFL *edit* hey, my vote was the 47th ! :blink: creeeepy!!! :o :o :huh:
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    Season 5 Syd & Vaughn

    That would be just so cruel! :angry: I hope J.J. doesnt make us wait THAT long! :blink: Everytime a shipper scene is on I´m sitting there thinking "SAY IT!" I dont care who says it, but one of them should say it already! :rolleyes: :reallyexcited:
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    13 going on 30 in my language..

    I HATE the german title! :crazy: I refuse to call it "30 über Nacht" :P Even when I went to the box office (in germany) to buy the ticket I said I want a ticket for "13 going on 30" :smash: San :innocent:
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    Season 4 Quick Summary for Ep 4.06 - Nocturne

    on behalf of every german alias fan who is still waiting for season 3&4 to air :angry: , thanks for the summary! :up: :reallyexcited:
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    all bout jenn

    yeah, thanks! :thumbup: I look forward to it ! ;)
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    all bout jenn

    I agree that anyone should be allowed to be a member, but a test would be funny though :P @ Kelly V and sd6452: we need someone to create a test first before you can take it! ;) any volunteers? :innocent: Jen won!! :reallyexcited:
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    jen won

    YAY!!! Jen won! Im very very happy for her! :reallyexcited: She deserved it so much after she didnt win the golden globe (which i personally still think she should have won :angry: ) I like the dress she wore! She always looks great! :) And her speech....what she said shows again how...
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    all bout jenn

    We should have a test! otherwise its too easy to become a member. ;) if its that easy to join than its nothing special of you are a member, right? :lol: But it would be good if we could initiate the test, AFTER I got added to the list,please! :innocent: :lol:
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    all bout jenn

    Can I join, please?? :hi: Or do I have to take a test first or learn the Jen-hymn or anything? :lol: I´m prepared :grad:
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    Season 4 READY?

    NOW??? Where does Mandy live? I wanna move there, please!! :reallyexcited:
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    Season 4 What nonshipper ship do you most want to see in s4

    Syd/Jack I´m curious to find out what Jack has done and how Syd will deal with it. But I also look forward to Syd no longer being an only child :D
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    Season 4 READY?

    me too!!! :innocent:
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    Season 4 Authorized Personnel Only Countdown!

    I´m from germany and I wont get to see this episode before friday :down: here´s my countdown....2days :crazy: :thud: Do you know how much I envy you that you can all watch it tonight? *crys* :(
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    Hey!! *hug* Also du weißt ja ich liebe diese Fanfic! - darf ich hier eigentlich deutsch posten oder werde ich jetzt verpügelt??*angst kriegt* :unsure: Total genial wie immer!! :up:
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