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    Season 5 Character leaving the show? Say it isn't so :(
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    Season 4 DVD discs

    Go to the post I posted about it I have a link to the picture.
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    Season 4 DVD discs

    Disc art has been reveled its Weiss.
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    Disc art revealed!
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    Alias Season 4 Special Features

    From We mentioned there were over 4 hours of extras. Here they are: Includes The Original "Nocturne" Episode Featuring The Unaired Russian Roulette Scene Agent Weiss: Spy Camera Audio Commentaries With Cast And Crew A Chat With Jennifer Garner Meet Mia...
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    Alias Season 4 Box Art Revelaed

    I find that Syd seems like she's drugged in that pic but all in all it's great in red.
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    Alias Season 4 Box Art Revelaed

    I can't find it anymore :S
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    Who here reads Alias Magazine?

    I have a subscription and since I found out that my coimc shop gets the variant covers I get them also. If you subscribe you get 10% off cover price. It might not be much but if you subscribe more then once it adds up. :) I don't have all the variant covers but I got most of them I'm missing...
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    Which order should I read the novels in?

    Around the begining of August I plan to start purchasing the Alias novels starting with the perquels and would like to know the order in which to read them. Also I was wondering if the novels, both prequels and APO, try to stay with the flow of each book (ie. Do any of the latter books mention...
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    The prequel novels

    I haven't the money or the time for the past few months to buy and read the Alias Novels. (Both Prequel and APO series) But I can tell you this Greg Cox's work is an accquired taste. I have read some of his Star Trek wrok and I am not to thrilled with it but I will be reading his Alias work...
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    Season 5 General Spoilers For Season 5

    Here's all the poop from =) ___________________________________________________________ Alias Spoilers Updated on June 7, 2005 Alias airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. The show was renewed for a fifth season and will be moved to Thursdays at 8 p.m. General Season 5...
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    Season 4 Continue

    Jennifer Garner is contracted for 7 season so most likely we will have 7 seasons of Alias if not more. :)
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    Season 4 Rate: Search and Rescue

    Leslie then why watch Alias then if you feel that strongly about JJ? :P
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    Season 4 Rate: Search and Rescue

    I had to download something then it worked fine. Also I got to say HOOOOOLLLLLLLLLY CR*P :wtf:
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    Season 4 Rate: Search and Rescue

    It went through as one of the best episoeds ever. When my vote went through I saw great still at 0 so I must of thought I clicked Great when infact it was still on One of the best episodes, Ah it's ok my voting might have been a bit skewed as the channel I was watching it on was acting up...
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