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    Music You'd Like To Hear On Alias

    i kno alotta people probably said this but theres alotta good evanescence songs that would go well with alias
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    Lacuna Coil

    i've heard a couple songs by them they're pretty good there on the ozzfest right? oh and evanescence rocks!
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    Coheed and Cambria

    they're an awesome badn, their cd is great too :up: :up:
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    Songs You Just Can't Get Out Of Your Head

    "broken" seether f/ amy lee :up: :up: "a favor house atlantic" coheed and cambria :up: "somebody told me" the killers (weird song but xtremely catchy) "vindicated"-dashboard confessional
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    What are everyone's favorite bands/genres?

    i like rock music and an occasional pop song liek..right now i like the song "she will be loved" by maroon 5 but my favorite bands at the moment are evanescence,linkin park,seether,blink 182,the distillers,less than jake,all american rejects,greenday,yellowcard,the ataris,finger eleven,maroon...
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    If You Could Make A Mix Cd Of Your Favorite Songs

    "Vindicated" dashboard confessional "talk show on mute" incubus "broken" seether f/ amy lee "duality" slipknot "so cold" breaking benjamin "memory" sugarcu;t "take me out" franz ferdinand "jst like you" 3 days grace "slither" velvet revolver "everything i've known"-korn "rest of my life"...
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    Blink and no doubt concert

    (sry if this has already been posted) i jst decided to start a i chose this one ^_^ i went to the concert, it was good, i like both bands pretty much the preformance i saw of blink 182 sucked tho, it seemed tom and mark werent even trying to sing. but otherwise it was good no...
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    Season 4 Head of Covenant

    :P i think its irina's OTHER sister...shes the only one we havent met and i guess it would kinda make sense?
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    Season 4 What Is This Third Sister Stuff?

    yea jack said "which one of irina's sisters are you _____________ or katya?" or sumthin like that..i cant remember her name tho!
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    Season 3 i noticed something interesting

    sry this might already be posted when syd was tryin to convince dan ryan to help them syd poured a glass of when sloane had sum1 tied to a chair he almost always poured a glass of water... did anyone else notice this? maybe it means something? idk :rolleyes: lol
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    She should be blonde or brunette?

    i think blonde, but shes very pretty either way
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    Season 3 Sloane Syd's father.

    i dont believe sloane is syd's father MAYBE irina and sloane had an affair or w/e but sloane is not sy'd father..mayb sloane was like high and thought he had a child with irina which led him to believe he is the father of syd :rolleyes:
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    rude comments on jen..

    i was recently viewing this message borad thing and i saw a title about jennifer garner so i clicked. many of the people were talking about daredevil and then some people began sayin rude comments about jen.. here are some of them "I still won't see it until it reaches cable. I hate Jennifer...
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    "Toxic" music video

    haha i definately agree! :lol:
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    Season 3 "Back off Irina"

    well if sloane is doing sumthin bad to irina then y wont Katya or irina tell jack? unless he already knows or he jst might be clueless :huh:
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