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    Season 5 Finale spoilers

    like many, i am confused. and also, like many, i just want some sort of ending to the whole syd/vaughn thing. it needs to be figured out soon.
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    Season 5 Finale spoilers

    i never know what to believe on alias anymore...just when i think it can't get any more crazy, it does
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    Season 5 Return of Danny?

    yeah....definately dead
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    Season 3 Top Reasons Lauren is Bad News

    I was excited when I saw Lauren put the gun away last ep. b/c i am a S/V shipper, but we can't be sure that she is evil. The only thing we can expect from Alias is surprises...which is why i love it so much...that and michael vartan is gorgeous ;)
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    They keep dieing!

    Haha! I had the same problem when I first started playing!!
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    Season 3 Are Vaughn and Syd really in love?

    I definitely think that syd and vaughn were in love two years ago. Now, I think vaughn loves syd but he's not in love with her. I do hope their love is renewed in the very near future. ;)
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    Season 3 Sydney & Will

    I liked how syd and will didn't talk about their "night" together, i think it made it so much hotter. If they had analyzed it, it would have been awkward.
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    Season 3 Will whipped up on Allison!

    I think Will probably spent the last two years training his butt off because he probably felt like he lost his entire life two years ago and most likely relates it to Allison. He put a lot of anger and blame into that fight.
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    Season 3 syd/Julia pregnant?

    I forgot to say that i thought the picture of Jen and Lena Olin is adorable!!
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    Season 3 syd/Julia pregnant?

    I don't think that JG or Syd is pregnant. I think that, in those pictures, the gown is just puffed out. She might have just put on a little wait but there is no problem with that because she still looks amazing.
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    Season 3 JG as a blond

    I love how JG can pass with any color hair! :redhair:
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    How many of your friends watch Alias?

    i have a few friends that watch it but they only started b/c i made them watch and now they're hooked!! yeah...mor publicity and viewers means more seasons (hopefully)
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    Season 3 Anyone like Simon?

    my favorite boys on alias are now simon and sark...i really have a thing for bad boys (not good for personal relationships...word of warning ;) )
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    Season 3 Julia

    ya...i rewatched and didn't hear anything about 2 years i also (much like everyone else on this forum) love julia and can't wait to watch more of her in future eps...i hope syd is undercover for a long time :D
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    Season 3 Quotes

    i love the sloane/lauren scenes and what sloane said about s/v surviving that a hint, JJ?? (I hope so :) ) i also loved the marshall/carrie scenes but they've already been written out... the syd/simon scenes were also awesome
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