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    Writing out my heart

    WOW I love it. Can't wai ttil you post more. Please Pm me when you do.
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    Dont Tell Me Cuz It Hurts

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love it, I hope Alice divorces him, that would be good. Then Syd and Vaugh could be together. Pm me when more is up
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    30 seconds

    Love it!!! Post more soon
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    Dont Tell Me Cuz It Hurts

    Oh, I forgot to ask you to pm m e
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    Dont Tell Me Cuz It Hurts

    Oh, I want to know what he says. hurry and post more
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    Yes, Jen's in first with 205 votes and second place has 171 votes, she is winning by quite alot
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    Pivotal Moments

    Wow, that's all i can say, WOW!!! Syd and Vaughn have to stay together. It makes me so sad when they are apart. Can I get a pm when the next part is up?
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    Writing out my heart

    Absolutely Love IT!!! I can not wait for Syd to reply it should be good. Can I get a pm when her reply is up?
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    Emmy Nominations Announced!

    I really wanted Alias to get nominated for best drama. It should've been. It is an awesome show.
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    OMG I love it, I agree post them fast. pm me when the next part is up
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    i really depressed I almost cried. But I know that JJ will get them back together( hopefully):SOB SOB SOB:
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    fav colors

    My favorite color is blue- I really like the shade of blue that Syd's swimsuit was in Double agent- but I like all shades of blue
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    Season 3 premier

    I think it's the 28th, because if it were the 21st they would be competing with the emmeys. And I'm sure they wouldn't do that.
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    Pivotal Moments

    That was so sweet. Is Vaughn going to run after her? i hope so. That was so awesome. Please PM me when more is posted
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    Emmy Nomination

    Well I think everyone on this sight knows that she deserved it, and I'm glad they saw it that way too. Congrats Jen! :clap: :groupwave: :thumbsup:
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