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    Restoring A Family

    A/N- heres final chap i just found/eip :) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Chap 30: Sydney, Vaughn and Anna walked though the park on a warm spring day. Anna was holding Nellie’s leash and Sydney was holding on to Anna. Just as Nellie saw a squirrel she bolted, taking...
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    Restoring A Family

    A/N- wow it's been a while but school got busy, alias ended and *sigh* i love my muse. shes recently reutrned since i was sucked into Bones so i was like "hey lets finish RAF" then it took me another 2 weeks to actually do that. So here's the final chapter (VERY condensed since i have to go...
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    Restoring A Family

    I have to change to posting next weekend due to a family emergency - sorry for the delay.
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    Restoring A Family

    I will post by this weekend, i really want to finish it now!
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    Restoring A Family

    wow... i forgot about this.. i had loved writing this... i doubt anyone still reads but i may just finish it...
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    Learning to Drive

    I agree, some idiots are let onto the road, but because were teenagers, 90% of the time if theres an accident we will be blamed for it. so be careful everyone!
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    When Does Your School Start?

    September 1st :'(
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    Restoring A Family

    I just want to say thanks for the reviews everyone, i'll update when i get back from vacation!
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    Love Heals

    yes i did :) I'm finishing another fiction "Restoring A Family" which will be done completely in about 2 weeks, then love heals will be my major project to finish during the school year
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    Restoring A Family

    A/N- here's chap 28, theres one more regualar chapter, a short end chapter then an epi (which i must say, i love...) So please enjoy and review (you dont have many more chanmces to give me wonderful quote reviews;)) *********************** “I don’t think we’ve been able to hang out like this...
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    Restoring A Family

    next chap partially done. really want it up before i leave for next vacation (week back from cali, now off to adirondacks... way too much father daughter time *sigh*)
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    Just finished White Orleander and Where the heart is. White Orleander was my favorite, now im reading two books, dont dont plan to finish either, i'll probably start This Boys Life.
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    Restoring A Family

    will update tomorrow or soon. i just got back from vacation. my flight yesterday was... bad. dont fly delta out of atlanta if you can help it. one flight was cancelled because they didnt have a crew, then they got us on a later flight (to a different place so we didnt have ground...
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    Part of Us

    is there a PM list for this fic caro? if so add me, i love this!
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    yeah, i love it. there's already a section for it in the police & legal drama i think.