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    Never Again. New Fic....

    Hey. People replied. I guess I'll have to write the second chapter now. :)
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    Open Water

    Are they really in the water for the whole movie? That's messed up. The preview made me fall asleep.
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    What does your name mean?

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    Recommended Books

    "The Spy Who Loves Me" -I can't remember the author's name It was actually really good. But it did have some sex scenes in it. Not that many but if your under 15 I wouldn't recomend it. Unless you really don't mind about that stuff. I'm only 13 and if my parents knew I read this they would get...
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    Any good Teen Fiction or Spy novels you've read?

    That's like the only types of books I like reading. Fire away.
  6. A's Book Club Book #3: VOTING!

    I'm not much for biographies. Unless it was written about Mia Hamm or some famous spy. ^_^
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    [Syd's Kick Ass Recruits]

    Eh, can I join?
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    Politics Should the government get to watch you?

    I think if the government checked up on me they might find the checking out spy books from the library suspicious. ;)
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    Thanks. I am glad she got to go home for at least a couple days.
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    Lines You'll Never Hear on Alias

    Lauren: Are my eyebrows really that bad??? Sydney: Yep. It looks like you have two caterpillars on your head. -A REAL caterpillar starts sleeping on one of Lauren's eyebrows- Lauren: Does this bug make me look fat?? That sucked. :blink:
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    Jack and Irina Songs

    "The Morning After" by Michelle Branch The morning after You left a bitter taste Was so good for a while But it all went to waste The night was broken You left me on the floor Was so good for a while But I guess you wanted more And didn’t you think, as we looked into the sky Oh, didn’t you...
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    Michelle Branch has songs that remind me of Alias.

    There are alot but I'll only post a few parts of some songs. I didn't notice But I didn't care I tried being honest but that lead me nowhere I watched the station Saw the bus pullin through and I don't mind sayin a part of me left with you Chorus So one of these days I won't be afraid of...
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    Politics Christianity

    Finally someone I can agree with. And please don't pull that gravity felgercarb on me. I've heard that a million times. It doesn't even sway my opinion a little.
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    Politics Facts of Fahrenheit 9/11

    Heh. Go to (Unless you're a republican). They always have the facts days before the news even gets their hands on it. My mom always go's on there. She also listens to Randi Rhoades. So... she hates Bush. Alot.
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    Politics Christianity

    Eh, I need proof before I believe in Him. But I better not get started. I might cause trouble ;)