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    Wow i posted this years ago and it was actually one of the last times i got on this site. WOW. Well Newayz i've now finished the whole series and unlike the rest of the world i loved Breaking Dawn.
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    boo boo be do

    Hey. I'm SOOO Sorry that I haven't been on in so long! How is everyone? I've just been busy with this project that my professor wants me to do. Speaking of that, do anyone of you have photoshop? I need it to do part of my project and I can't really afford it right now. Can someone help me out...
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    That was such a good chap! Please update soon.
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    boo boo be do

    Hi everybody! Sorry I haven't talked in sooo long! I've been really busy working on my latest fic and getting it edited (I suck at grammar! lol). Hopefully i'll talk 2 U guys soon. Bye
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    Horror Saw III (2006)

    OMG have you seen the new trailer!? It's on the official site, you have to check it out this instant! It is crazy!
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    Lyfe Jennings

    OMG I love S.E.X! That is my song! I'm so glad that other people on here are finally getting a good taste in music!
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    boo boo be do

    OMG I was drunk last night! Like 8 or something hours ago. I didn't think I was but I was at my friends house and she has this secret stash. We were taking shots of vodka nad Jose Curveo or something. We had this really nasty $#!% called jeigermeister or something it was in a brownish green...
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    Leatherface vs. Jason

    Ok, skip all of that. This is my final copy. Read and enjoy. Rating is still the same. This is the whole story all in one post Prologue October 4th, 2006 The light from the moon illuminated the path in the forest. The path that had seen quiet and peaceful times was now seeing something not so...
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    boo boo be do

    Yup. Someone is here.
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    boo boo be do

    What up foo's?
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    boo boo be do

    OMG I love the Chicken Noodle Soup dance I am so good at it. Today I had chicken noodle soup for lunch and all my friends started laughing. I also know the Ice Cream And Cake, and the Cookie Dough which I made up myself. Thanks for reading my fic Pheonix. Oh and Syd 157 it's called Leatherface...
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    boo boo be do

    Your lucky that people have reviewed your fic. Mine has been out for many months and no reviews. How is everyone? Has anyone heard that song chicken noodle soup?
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    ~+~ Random # 284 ~+~

    Hello. What up?
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    boo boo be do

    I know right? I am so bored! Absolutely nothing to do! What am i going to do? I am so bored and stressed at the same time!
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    Drama Snakes on a Plane!

    Eww. I don't like to bash movies but I can't believe anyone would want to see this. Sorry, I hate it when people bash movies but this movie just looks stupid. My friend wants to see it because she like sam jackson but she's afraid of snakes so... she's a little crazy I guess. lol