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    Season 5 React: All the Time In The World

    I was reluctant to watch the last 2 episodes of ALIAS knowing that it's going to be last time I'll ever watch the series again. Guess I am in denial that the series has ended, permanently. I've watch it and I must say that the storyline was bit of a rush. Perhaps if ABC would have given them 5...
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    The Post-Super Bowl Stunt

    I've read about it from an article that ALIAS has the 'worst' ratings after a superbowl show compare to the likes of Friends and Grey's Anatomy. I don't live in the States , so to read about that it's kinda sad because I truly believe that Phase One is definitely one of ALIAS best episodes of...
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    Season 5 Time to start emailing ABC

    Seriously if the show is going to end, I don't think signing any petition will help. I would rather let the show go out on top than disappear without a trace. Although I love to see the show go on and on but let's face it, when it's time to say goodbye, we have to deal with it. The fans are not...
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    Season 5 5.12 Title

    Nice. It's like paying tribute to Sydney's character and all her sacrifices. This is reach the 100th episode. And I watch every single one of them for past 5 years...WOW :rolleyes: How time's a great TV show and I never doubt it.
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck V

    It's the clothes she wears that make her look fat at some angle. I think it's healthy to look a bit larger than usual. I know we are so used to see Jen in her svelte body but hey give her a break. She deserves to be happy regardless how she looks. If she's okay with, it's okay with me.
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    A Jen replacement....

    To me Jennifer is Sydney. I grew fond of her character and I can or never will imagine someone else in her shoe. Alias wihtout Jennifer is nothing at all.
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    Season 5 Alias MIA!

    I did the same and all I got was an automated reply from ABC. Nevertheless I'll keep bombarding ABC till they give us an answer. THey should know that they should not mess with ALIAS fans :angry:
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    Hidden easter eggs -- Seasons 1-4

    Does it work only on DVD-Rom or DVD player? I've tried both and I still don't see it :(
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    SEASON 3 or SEASON 5?

    I honestly like Season 3. I still haven't figure out why ppl didn't like it. But at the same time, I also like Season 5 thus far. Can't wait for it to come back in May 2006. Ohh..Sydney has to give birth!
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    Season 5 React: The Horizon

    I TOTALLY LOVE THIS EPISODE. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Jennifer is brilliant. We finally get to see Sydney and her emotional side again. Yeah having Vaughn back is like the old time. Really miss him. And Spy Mommy? Now that was a supprise... I am spoiler free hence I thought that the only guest...
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    Season 5 React: Bob

    Not enough of Sydney but it's great to see Sark back. Though not as evil as he used to be...hmm wonder why? Again not enough of Sydney, Jack and even Sloane. Can't wait for Jennifer to be back without the baby bump. Miss her very much...But still a great episode.
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    ABC to End 'Alias' Run in May 2006

    This is one of the saddest day of my life although it has been expected. But the thought of announcing it to the whole wide world makes it really hard to swallow. Whatever happens, I hope the writers do give Sydney a happy ending. I think she surfers long and hard enough and I strongly feel for...
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    Season 5 React: Fait Accompli

    Great episode. Love it love it! No words to describe what a fantastic episode this is...especially when Jack and Sydney was together at the end of the show. No Vaungh..who cares.
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    Season 5 React: Solo

    I like this episode. I find Rachel really funny at the end of the episode where she tried to be all Kung Fu with Amy Acker and then she fell...that was funny. Overall a good episode..and we get to see Nadia. Love Sydney aka Jennifer...she is the loveliest pregnant woman around.
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    From JJ's Very Own Mouth

    I hope there is a Season 6 but looking at the way things are, chances are slim. But I really love the current season and hopefully after JG has given birth, things will turn around for good. Yeah JJ seem to be too occupied with MI3. I mean it's a Tom Cruise movie, if it flops (I hope it does coz...