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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    Hee! I saw it yesterday :) V. good as expected. British music rocks :)
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    [attachment=24024:attachment] [attachment=24025:attachment] [attachment=24026:attachment] [attachment=24027:attachment] [attachment=24028:attachment] [attachment=24029:attachment] [attachment=24030:attachment] [attachment=24032:attachment] [attachment=24033:attachment]...
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    Lost, Alias and various. More at my journal here
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    Wow! these are a load of really good icons! They are all awesome but I particularly like: Cynthiaaa- The first House one and the Naomi Watts ones- the colouring is lovely! Dim Bulb- Numbers 2 and 11- like Xinyi said the colours are amazing and so bright- stunning! Kells - I love the...
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    Thanks Guys :) When I made them I posted them in a few communties and got no replies so i wasn't sure whether anyone would like them- so it is nice to know that people do as I really enjoyed making them.
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    Really must go see V for Vendetta... 32 Harry Potter and Alias Cast Icons: [attachment=23667:attachment] [attachment=23668:attachment] [attachment=23669:attachment] [attachment=23670:attachment] [attachment=23671:attachment] [attachment=23672:attachment]...
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    Like you said i have no idea who they are but the colouring is beautiful! :D
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    Alias Music Videos

    Can't help there i am afraid... i have problems too. I just close it and re-open it. close it and re-open it. It sucks. oh, and i make sure i save it regularly. An alternative title sequence using extra footage from seven and music from the bourne identity. Hope you like it :)
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    Coming out of lurkerdom :bag: Loving the fic- can't believe you manage to chuck out a chapter a day... it's become a regular fixture in my day :) Was hoping that the french girl would be disqualified for drug-use or similar... Just wanted to say thank you for this brilliant story- keep it...
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    LiveJournal Thread #3

    Ok because i have wayyyy to many to put up here- here are some tasters and a link tomy journal - It's my new obsession and i still have lots to learn- But just looking at all the wonderful icons here helps.
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    Alias Music Videos

    This was my first ever Alias video: Almost Thirty Years Its an episodic vid to Blur's Song 2 Hope you like it- if you do i may upload so of the rest!
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    Until We Meet Again

    this story is amazing- can you add me to the PM list please?
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    Alias Blends 2

    Here is a piece I made for a challenge over at SD-1. Texture: Tre Pics: Google search, Alias- media Brushes: hybrid genesis Fonts: Century Gothic, Dyspesia, Jane Austen Song: Natalie Merchant, My Skin [attachment=21913:attachment]
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    Alias Wallpapers

    Th 'Havana Gang Brawl' I know is by The Zutons if that helps.
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    Two Melissa George colourisations: and I find blonde hair soo difficult. Does anyone have any tips?
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