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    Politics Do you believe in god?

    I agree. I think that religion helps fill in the blanks that science sometimes leaves, and vice-versa (sp?). Obviously there are certain things about religion and science that seem to contradict each other (ie the theory of evolution), but overall, the quest to understand one enriches your...
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    Last letter game!

    razor prism
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    Grey's Anatomy

    I love this show so much! I watched it completely on a whim, and then I fell in love with it because I want to be a doctor, and because I share the same name as the main character :P Next season is going to be awesome, I can't wait!
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    Least Favorite HP book?

    Chamber of Secrets for me as well, all though it was my favorite of the movie series (so far), I love Kenneth Branagh!
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    Summer Reading Challenge...

    ooh, i want to do it! I've been trying to finish "The Poisonwood Bible" for like, 2 months :P
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    Season 4 Rate: The Road Home

    I am getting so BORED with Alias. They fight a different bad guy every episode, I didn't even know who the bad guy was this episode, Sark isn't on it anymore (major, major reason why I'm getting bored), and Vaughn has turned into a major sissy. When was the last time the guy went on a mission...
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    Politics Female President

    I think that after allowing gay marriage, a female (or minority) president is the next big step forward for america.
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    Season 4 Rate: Welcome to Liberty Villiage

    It seems like we're finally back to the "good ol' Alias". Season 3 was a dud, but so far, I'm impressed w/ season 4, and this is definitely my favorite episode. The part where Vaughn was describing how he proposed to "Karen" was my favorite--it's nice to see Vaughn showing more emotion, and...
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    What are you proud of today?

    I'm proud of my papa, because he went to great lengths to get me AMAZING seats for my favorite band for my 18th birthday present, even though the concert is on his birthday (which is 2 days before mine). I love ya pops!
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    Politics This really is very very bad

    Sending troops into the aresas devastated by the tsunamis will only make the problem worse. It will create more people who need food, shelter, and water. What we need to be sending is medical supplies, food, and water.
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    College/ Universities

    I'm going to William and Mary in Virginia. I love it. It's public, but it only has 5600 undergrad students. I applied Early Decision and found out the day after Thanksgiving that I had been accepted. The most important thing to remember when your looking at colleges is to think to yourself, "Can...
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    whats your worst trait?

    I do that too, I tend to over analyze situations and drive myself crazy with all the made-up scenarios in my head.
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    worst chat-up lines people have used on you?

    Worst one I've heard is, "If I told you that you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?"
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    what time is it for people?

    11:48 a.m
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    whats your worst trait?

    I sometimes have a tendency to sit back and watch things happen, rather than take action.
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