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    Season 5 Spoiler about Character Death in Alias

    I hope it's Sloane or Irina either of them is fine by me. What Irina said to syd last night saying she was a mistake, if i was syd i would have shot her. I may be the only person who thinks this but, idk. Sloane should die I mean the man is responsible for danny, Francie , and Diane's death. Or...
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    The first time you saw Michael Vartan

    The first time i saw him was in Friends and thought ohhhhh he's cute. Then on NBK and i was like okay he's gotten hotter, and finally on ALIAs i was OMG--- oohh that boy is fine,/smokin w/ haha :P
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    Season 5 April Fool!

    OMG! that was soooo funny. mean, but funny. HAHahahahahah
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    Season 5 Ep. 14 "I See Dead People"

    Who the heck cares about danny!! I mean it was tragic yes, but c'mon the guy was only in like half an episode or whtever. and he had to die otherwiseSyd would have never known the truth. ANd Vaughn is her soulmate. i think that Alias has not been the same without him. Vaughn was the only person...
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    Season 5 Spoiler about Character Death in Alias

    If i had to pick someone I say it's Sloane-- he such a weasel!!! I mean how many more days can he get away with murder before he actually dies or goes to jail. I'm probaly that only one who thinks this and thats ok but Irina could die for all of her past crimes and betrayls.
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    Season 5 coded message in alias theme?

    Okay I remember listening to one of J.J's commentaries and him saying that In the first couple of seasons the flashing in the letters was of a home video of him and his family on the 4th of july and he cut it up. And if you want to be creative take the letters out of Jack Vaughn Sydney and Irina...
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    Season 5 Ep. 14 "I See Dead People"

    OMG I knew it! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! He's back ALIAS was not the same with out Vaughn. Let's just all hope that he's really coming back. They better not be kidding, and it better not be his ghost!
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    Vaughn's Return

    I think Vaughn is being held against his will by like Irina or someone. And Syd after she has the baby finds some evidence that Vaughn is alive . NOthing could be better than a pissed off mommy that hasn't any sleep, going to go kick ass and save her man like she did in the 2nd season that would...
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    Vaughn isn't dead. He can't be. It wouldn't be ALIAS w/out him. I think Irina is holding him or Renee knows he is alive but may not be able to tell Syd about it. Either he's alive or he reallly is dead. All I know i am going to cry when he comes back!
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    Season 5 Entertainment Weekly ALIAS news

    those are my exact favorites!!! Season 2 was the best!!!! It was the beginning for everything. Syd's relantionship shaky, crazy relan. w/ her mom, her and Vaughn!!!! and hte end of SD-6. THats my all time fav. Season $ is my fav too. Vaughn proposes!!:)
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    Season 5 The Birth

    OMG i can't wait till ALIAs comes back!!!! Vaughn has to still be alive!!! it says Renee is hiding a secret....maybe from Syd? Hopefully it's vaughn!! fingers crossed!!
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    HowdY YaLl!

    [[font=Comic Sans Ms][size=5]HOwdy From TeXaS!!! haha anyways I just wanna say howdy ya'll. Gotta bring back Michael Vartan!!! he's the best!! :D
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