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    Sci-Fi Stargate: Universe

    No. It'll be available on the SyFy channel in the states. I'm not sure of the other stations carrying it in other countries....
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    Sci-Fi Stargate: Universe

    The premiere episode will be on SyFy Oct. 2 at 9PM. It's a two hour premiere.
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    ^Those are really great. Do you mind if I snag one or two? I don't have a LJ so I'd use them on other message boards and I'd totally give you credit.
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    Big fan of Bones! Love Booth and Brennan as a team. I kind of miss Zak though....although a few of the interns aren't too bad.
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    Really enjoyed the show....I'm concerned with it being moved to Fridays next season though. I can't lie my favorite thing about the show is Ben McKenzie. But besides that, the fact that we get a look into these officers and detectives lives is a nice difference from other shows. Loved the...
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    Four Months Later

    From the small bits I looked pretty interesting. Once I watch it Saturday night, I'll be able to compose something much more detailed.
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    Harold Perrineau Once Again 'Lost'

    It'll be interesting to see how Michael is reintroduced. How long as it been in Lost-time that he's been gone? A couple of months? I wonder how they'll explain Walt not being with him if Malcolm David Kelly doesn't play him
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    Book 7 (pre-release) discussion - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    okay, these are my predictions I don't know anything so if any of this ends up happening...well just call me Felix Felicis I guess: I do not think Harry will die, however I think he'll be in a weakened state as a result of defeating Voldemort. He could lose his magical abilities or go...
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Wonderful World ~ James Morrison
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    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    I saw it today and I liked it. As a fan of the books, there are some scenes I wish had been in like Harry smashing everything in Dumbledore's office. I thought Imelda Staunton was perfect for Umbridge. The big fight at the end was really well done. I can't remember in the book did Bellatrix...
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    Season 4 DVD

    I'm having hard time finding the easter egg on the season 4 dvd. Everything other posters at other sites have said hasn't worked....can someone help?
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    Evan Handler played Dave. He was on Sex and The City
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    Non-Alias Wallpapers

    ^your welcome. I used to be so obsessed with that show back in the day. Now not so much.
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    Non-Alias Wallpapers

    Tommy was green...but was under the evil person's spell I think then came back as the white ranger.....I can't really remember the details
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    2006 Winter Olympics

    When I turned on the skating last night, I saw that Evan had rebounded and I was praying that he'd get the bronze but oh well. It's cool you went to the same one cool went to my high school