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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Currently i am listening to hindi indian song etni shakti hume de nadata , man ka vishawas kamjor ho na . nice song .
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    Miley Cyrus VS Justin Bieber

    I like miley , watch his show just because of her and i like her actually :), havent heard her music much .but like her show and her movie was also good .
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    Favourite Sport

    I like to play soccer , cricket, basket ball , actually i play all possible sports , i like sports.
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    Do you play?

    Ya i play soccer, volleyball , basket ball but i am not next star :)
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    Best Player? Your Idol?

    My favorite player in sports is sachin tendulkar from cricket , he is down to earth and play well , he is god of cricket . Regards
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    CTR + V

    forum promotion this what i have copied last time .
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    Boys vs Girls

    Nice game , no girl till yet , hope we find here more and more girls . 66
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    New here .

    Hi I am andy from India , and i am here to have fun and to have fun and fun :) Regards
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    About The Admin =)

    I am new here don't know much , but would like to wish you best of luck and forums is nice . Thanks
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    Where Did You Find Us?

    I have come here from Forum Promotion forums and felling good to be part of this wonderful community
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    I am Julius; pleased to be here.

    Welcome julius , nice name and even i have come here from forum promotion forums Regards
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    welcome here and hope you will be enjoying here a lot .
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    Welcome felly here and hope you will be staying long here . and nice to have girl here :) Regards
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    Hello (:

    Welcome @ anatheme in this great community and i would like to wish you best of luck here . Regards