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    Season 5 good news about the finale

    merrin can't possibly come back as francie- she was shot in the head people- they don't do that to alias characters unless they want them to STAY down. the only way francie could be in it is in a flashback. it makes more sense for evil francie to come back since she had that freaky 'come back...
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    Season 5 Spoiler about Character Death in Alias

    lets be realistic about this- JJ would NEVER kill sydney seriously. its the last ever episode, she's gonna have a new baby, certain other characters may/ may not return- it would be senseless to kill syd off with all that happening. someone close to her will die, and not just a beloved friend-...
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    Season 5 Spoiler about Character Death in Alias

    if someone is to pay the ultimate price, it will be as a sacrifice, not someone who deserves it like sloane. that leaves either jack or irina, as many of you have said. irina sacrificing herself wil finally prove once and for all she loves syd and chooses to be a good mother in the end over her...
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    Season 5 Series Finale

    it should be called 'end of an era' because it is
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    Season 5 Whats vaughn's secret?

    OK that didn't work! what i said was weiss told syd at the start of season 3 that vaughn had been out of the country for 6 months after her 'death', so thats gotta have something to do with it.
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    Season 5 Season 5 theories

    no i likw this idea- irina would relate to vaughn as she fell in love with jack while on the job, but inevitably her loyalty was with her group and not jack (she made the wrong choice_ whereas vaughn chose syd over the job. she sees herself in vaughn.
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    Season 5 Season 5 theories

    I'm pretty sure that was near the beginning of season 4 wasn't it- can't say what ep tho when s and v are in the kitchen and nadia and weiss are dubious about how they're acting with each other!
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    Season 5 What will sydney do now?

    i reckon she will back off big time from vaughn, be utterly shaken to the core that the one person she's trusted the most and who hasn't betrayed her thru all of the felgercarb she's been through is not the person she thought he was... and then WHAM!! she discovers she's pregnant. cue heartbreak and...
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    Season 5 Filimg starts in July! so airing in sept?

    i'm gonna have to agree with you here- baby bristow must spell the end of alias? surely they can't be globe trotting with a tumble tot at home>?
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    Season 5 what will happend in season 5

    i think if lauren came back she would be working with sark/ anna- in the covenant or the equivalent- she definately would not be at APO
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    Season 5 How should Alias deal with JG pregnancy?

    ok i personally think JJ won't use the pregnancy. i believe syd will be in a coma after the accident, filmed above her bump to hide the pregnancy. I feel there is no room for a baby in alias, and that the presence of one will be a time bomb over the longevity of the series. Maybe what vaughn has...
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    Season 5 Whats vaughn's secret?

    OK i personally believe vaughn worked with the covenant during the 2 years syd disappeared to try and discover what had happened to her. after everything that happened he wouldn't just trust dna in dental records. how obvious can you get? we know vaughn can be brainwashed and have his memory...
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    Season 5 Nadia and prophecy

    I think JJ finished S4 in a fashion that made us believe there had been an easy escape from the prophecy, but its still brewing under the surface and will come back with full force in due time. Sloane shot nadia to protect both her and syd, and as some of irina's own predictions of the coming of...
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    Season 5 Alias the next generation

    I'm guessing this could be a new doggett and reiass scenario, like from x -files. they brought in a new 'couple' of agents while issues were sorted out with the original cast. This would be a way of deflecting attention from syd, and perhaps letting someone else take over from the action since...