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    hello all...

    Hey lisa, nice to have you here, I am sure you will be enjoying your stay here.
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    what's the latest movie you watched?

    Inception for me too, But in Anime I liked How to train your dragon.. :)
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    Dream job

    Really? Are you doing any course for it somewhere?
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    Hi All!

    wow, you are using sukanjan's theme. he showed this one to me while he was making. if you wanna show your graphics works, feel free to post them here:
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    Major Nelson in the Xbox 360 Dashboard
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    Combat Arms/Cross Fire, Public VIP

    Ok so there is this site that is doing free public VIP, But you have to download the activation code from shitcash. The site is Go register, And try to get the download for yourself, If you cant, Hit me up with a PM. How does it work? Step 1 - Click on MY SUBSCRIPTIONS...
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    Optimize Computer

    Optimize Computer After a while you feel your windows system running slow? many things that might cause it, ranging from viruses, programs, settings, and so forth. but if the slowdown in the performance of your computer has begun to disrupt please try the steps below. 1. - Disable Stratup...
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    Avoid Viruses By Using Common Sense

    Hi, I've Decided to make a little tutorial about how to avoid viruses when downloading files. [Downloading Stuff] Of course everyone is downloading music, Videos, Images, Games etc etc. and if you are unlucky you can easily get viruses. So this is how you avoid getting viruses by downloading...
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    AVIRA Premium Security Full Legal license

    Avira Premium Security Suite, more than 15 million users rely on the protection of Avira AntiVir. The product combines a low price and ease of use from day one, top performance protects your computer safely and also consume little computer resources, being able to install it on older...
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    Santa Claus Vs. Jesus Christ

    I find it very disturbing that parents all over the world lie to their children regarding the jolly 'ole fat guy... Santa. I believe that telling children that they must believe in a fat man who is "magic" in order to get presents is very wrong. It's the same concept as Christianity. Parents...
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    Save yourself $$ on picking the right i7

    As all of you know. The flagship processor from Intel is the i7. It's been around for a while now. With that said, there are various versions of them, as well as some of them being on different sockets then others, e.g 1156 opposed to 1366. I was browsing which i7 to buy. I chose the 860. I...
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    Overheating/Random Shutdowns

    Well this issue has plagued me for the last few MONTHS and im incredibly pissed. I was wondering if anyone could help Information: It occurs whenever i am using my CPU heavily(Plainly not Cracking/Brute Forcing/Blackops). Instant shutdown and boot back up OR(Rarely)a BSOD(Pictures below)...
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    Merry Christmas

    I wish all the members of Forumese, Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy the holidays! Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.
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    Navigate Quicker on Internet *TWEAK*

    Moved to Registry Edits.
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    [Review] Assassins Creed 2

    for me too! wating for brotherhood to come on PC.
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