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    Jack as tragic hero

    :( I miss you Spydaddy !!!
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    What's your favorite Irina quote?

    My favorite quote... Irina : Hey guys... I'll come back ! ... >>> Damned it's a dream....ARGH...... I'm gonna die :stretcher:
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    No Management (THE REAL, THE ORIGINAL)

    After "Resurrection" I'm with Jack more than ever !
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    How do you like Jack best?

    I don't care! I just want more! Spydaddy is a master. I can't make a choice I love him for all he is. Black and White
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    Season 3 Countdown

    :reallyexcited: YES !!! it's the end :groupwave: I'm waiting for a Very Good final ... Dear God it's the end...... :stretcher: 2005 AaaaaaaaRGH. :argue: :bangwall: :madfire: :no:
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    Season 4 Petition to Bring Alias Back Sooner!!

    it's OK for me I signed !!!
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    Join "Team Sark"

    Salut... I'm not a "fan Sark" but just for the fans I have a little gift... Enjoy. :king: ARTémis
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    VaUgHn and SyD-TrUe LuV nEvA dIeS!

    take a look > Syd & Vaughn ... :blush: The show must go on...
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    Jack and Syney's relatives? (if any)

    just an another one ... for my Jack :P
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    Jack and Syney's relatives? (if any)

    This man is a GOD !!! I love Jack "The Master Spydaddy". just for fans like me ;)
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    Take a look

    It's not difficult to compared Milo Rambaldi to Leonardo da Vinci so... I have seen the Rambaldi's Joconde in my dreams :D What are you thinking about that?
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    Syd's relation ship season 4

    :blink: I'm not in a good file??? ..ARGH.... Tell me because I don't understand all. I'm sorry if it's a mistake... I try to have better english but it's not easy. :blush:
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    Syd's relation ship season 4

    With Sark? :makefun: ERK !!! I can't do this I don't wanna see my computer burned. The Evil can't be inside my place ! I did it before and my machine said to me : I hate this guy, it's me or him it's your choice !!!... So I've make a choice. :P héhéhé OK OK OK I'll be thinking about it...
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    Syd's relation ship season 4 I'm waiting for season 4...
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    Jack and Irina !!! :2love: :groupwave: :wanted: IRINA
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