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    Brain Implants Instead of Prozac [Mad Neuroscience]

    Interesting. At first I judged by the title that this thread was a joke.
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    What Book Would You Like to See as a Movie

    Stephen Kings' The Dark Tower series. Done properly.
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    Earth's Shadow

    My first thought when I read the title of this topic: HOW can Earth have a shadow in the space? Smart. Anyway, that photo is really handsome.
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    Facts about you that are hard to believe

    As younger I was abused probably in the worst ways that even exist. I just pretend to be strong but I am not.
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    Sci-Fi Jumper (2008)

    I have seen it. It was pretty much a classic. It wasn't either good nor bad but something in between. Some handsome/beautiful boy/girl with an amazing superpower, doing fancy stuff with it, then falling in love with someone and making up after having some conflicts during the middle section of...
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    What Are You Looking For?

    Someplace where to kill time by discussing about subjects of some interest to me.
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    How long will humanity be on Earth?

    Hopely not for too long. (my endearing notion of humanity) Seriously speaking, I think that humans are going to remain on this planet for quite long a period, unless something suprising happens to happen, for example the becoming of a new ice age, a destructive nuclear war or a meteoroid...
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    Would you use a "transporter" if you knew...

    If a copy would be created of me, would then there be two seperate me's roaming on this planet? I don't know if I understood correctly or not. Anyway, if there was only one me after the transporting and the ways of doing the transport wouldn't in any way damage or alter me but the method was...
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    What have you been reading?

    Mostly Stephen Kings' novels. Though I still haven't read even half of the total amount, he has been hard-working. I really like the books because that man knows how to write but in the long haul it's starting to get a bit tenuous because the structure, the plot and the ways of rising...
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    What are you?

    I would be a cat because I'm proud, independent and of course cute. I am lazy by nature but when required I'll go outdoors and hunt almost better than a tiger would at it's best. I purr for the most of the time but in case hectored, you will have scratches all over you. I'd have a black...
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    What is the last thing you ate?

    I ate a chocolate bar of Geisha. Again. Too addicting, can't help it.
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    do you prefer short story collections or novels?

    I prefer novels. Because they are long, the story has enough time to develope into something much more deeper and credible than short stories usually have a chance of doing. Unless the author is really good. Besides, I don't even have nearly any favourite short stories.
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