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    What's Left of Me

    man i just read through this whole thing and WOW!!! i mean WOW!! alice is evil someone needs to b@#*% slap her!!! damn! =] but yes loved the whole sv-ness!! AWESOME!!
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    How Long

    whoa....thats so effed up!!! AWWW!! man stupid danny!! =]
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    P.S. I’m Still Not Over You

    AWWW!!! omg i love your writing!! =]
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    that was awesome!! i loved it!! cuteee!!! =]
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    AWWW!!!! so so so SWEET!! AHH!! i loved it! =]
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    You're Joking, Right?

    that was awesome!! i love this!! OMG!! i cant believe it is over but yeah...awesome!! hope to see a new fic soon!!
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    You're Joking, Right?

    that was awesome!! just caught up!! i love it!! syd&vaughn RULE!! =)!
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    It Was Destiny

    AWW!! so awesome!! they are so cute!! AHH!! i love it!! can't wait til 7!! =)!!
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    You're Joking, Right?

    AWW!! yeah!! they made up!! so so so so awesome!! time to get revenge on eric!! OMG!! post more soon!! i love S/V!
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    It Was Destiny

    o0o!!! o0o!!! im liking this...AWWW!!! she's getting all pretty for vaughn!! so CUTE!! =)!
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    You're Joking, Right?

    WOW!! that crazy...but hey at least she knows right? post more soon!! :)
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    It Was Destiny

    awesome!! like it lots!! post more soon!! :) :P!
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    Melting the Ice

    SO GREAT!! ahh!! loved it all!! =)!
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    You're Joking, Right?

    awesomeness!! cant wait til syd finally knows...all the chappies were GREAT!! post more soon!! :) :P!!
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    You're Joking, Right?

    just caught up...and i love this...i loved drunk syd she was cool...mike should have told her!!! AHHH!! post more soon!! liked all the updates!! =)!