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    Resources Mega upload 2,000 Stocks

    How do i look at the pictures becoz ive never used that site before ???
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    GFX Raiden

    Looks good, to me :)
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    GFX Banners

    The second one looks the best , but the rest are still good
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    GFX DBZ Sig

    I think im getting my old skills back ino the brushes arent that good carnt find no good ones. which do you thinks best ?? and Any comments?? ( P.s The writing is there so people dont rip ) 1st 2nd
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    Resources Read.

    When i download a brush it says its WinRAR.ZIP File and i carnt use it in photoshop what do i do???
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    Resources Brushes

    Hello. What are the best brushes ( names ) and were to get them ive tryed loads of sites but carn't find any decent ones, can some let me know thanks alot. P.s I used to have a load of brushes but i got a virus and i had to wipe my laptop clean Thanks alot SicKShot
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    GFX My 1st Sig

    My First ever dig :) give me some tips please thankyou
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    GFX Could some please help me ?

    Or ok thanks. What about the fonts were do i save them? and how do i load them ?
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    GFX Could some please help me ?

    Hello . When i download brushes were should i save them so they work in Photoshop???
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    Resources First Grunge Brush Set

    Help???? Hello . When you download brushes were do you save them so they work on Photoshop???
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    Any good films ?

    Ye i watched both there really good thanks for the heads up :)
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    GFX HcG - Team Sig

    Nice Clan Logo
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    GFX Tekken

    Very Nice good one
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    GFX Tried Something New

    I think it looks good nice job