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    New Enterprise Graphics

    I'll answer the easy question first, in a two-part manner. Future Janeway choose the moment she thought would have the best chance, due to the Borg Transwarp Nexus. My thoughts are that she felt like she wouldn't have any sucess talking her younger self from destroying the Caretaker Array, but...
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    New Enterprise Graphics

    I also think Yesterday's Enterprise was one of the best episodes on TNG, and I'd hope that they'd handle any kind of alternate universe/crossover in a similliar fashion. I'm not so worried that J.J. is at the helm, despite all the awful things I've heard about Cloverfield, since he didn't...
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    The Godmakers by Frank Herbert

    I really liked The Godmakers, though I do wish it was a little more fleshed out. However, some of the themes of the book did end up in the later Dune novels.
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    Foodies The cookies are here, the cookies are here!

    Yeah, and I think my mom found the recipe somewhere online too. I'll ask her and get back to you. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!
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    'Hard' SciFi Stories with science

    Cool, thanks for the links Skwirl!
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    What Are You Listening To? Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Southern Accents
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    What did you think of "The Beginning of the End?"

    My best friend is like that. Originally he wouldn't watch it until the season was complete, but now he's waiting for the series to end before catching up. As a result, I have to be careful what I say around him so I don't accidentally reveal any spoilers. The thing I like about it is that...
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    New Enterprise Graphics

    I totally agree with what Kevin said. It's definitely their way of messing around with that which is cannon, while (hopefully) keeping the hardcore appeased. I'm kind of hardcore, but I have faith in the creative team. And it's certainly can't be worse than the "Shatnerverse". (Though I do think...
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    What time is it?

    7:30. I think I caught a cold from my gf's daughter. Not cool.
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    Thread merger?

    Ok cool. Sorry to sound petty, but well, sometimes I am.
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    A Spider Shaped Crater on Mercury

    Ack, ya beat me to the punch! That was the first thing that I thought of too.
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    What Story Was It That...

    Yeah, you got me on that one. It does remind me of a Trek episode or two.
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    Foodies The cookies are here, the cookies are here!

    Thin Mints are the best...have you ever had grasshopper pie? It's like a cross between thin mints and a cheese cake.
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    Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you! Well it's time to celebrate your birthday, It happens every year. We'll eat a lot of broccoli, and drink a lot of beer. You should be good and happy that there's somethin' you can eat. A million people every...
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    Thread merger?

    Ah, I've answered my own question. But I have to admit, I'm kind of sore about it. I certainly understand the need to not have duplicate threads, but I really considered that to be my signature thread, if you will, and I'm a bit miffed that it got merged with the thread of a more junior member...
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