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    Would you rather?

    fly what is your favourite animal?
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    C & C blacknwhite

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    GFX No.1 Signature Battle

    Freestyle: Stock posted Battle Size (1v1) Entry Cost N/A [Winnings] N/A Voting: Anyone can vote Post here if you are interested or throw me a PM
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    Please welcome fokerss

    welcome to gfxd
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    GFX The fundamentals of a good logo

    clear basic strong
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    GFX SOTW 1 - Vote

    Zakdaley gets my vote
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    Tutorial BLacK's basic Smudge tutorial

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    C & C new one

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    Ghosting Graphics has joined the forum

    welcome to the forums
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    For Sale Megan Fox

    5 Credits :)
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    C & C Ctrl+'s Tag wall.

    haha you reduced the size? :( awesome imo your stuff is great
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    For Sale Custom C4D Animated Avatar

    when i get 25 credits i might request one ;)
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    Ctrl+'s Poetic coma.

    keep it up !
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    C & C i will never forget