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    Sig Thread...

    Hello!! I would like to have a new sig coz mine it´s out of fashion...and i´m very bad using photoshop... I would like one animated with sark and sydney they don´t have to be´s not easy... I would like to have this text: Why are you trying to make fun of me You think it´s funny...
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    WOW!!!I study in Salamnca as i´ve already said but i live in Avila...i told you that it wasn´t imposible.... jajaja
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    Do you like to read?

    LOVE reading!!!!!
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    the Historian by Elizabeth Kostova ít´s not very good i wouldn´t reccomend it...
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    What Do You Play?

    Well i´ve been playing the tenor recorder flute for 5 years now i´m trying to learn how to play the piano but i´m still bad... :blush:
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    which office do you prefer?

    Sorry but i like most the rotunda...
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    Addicted To Sark

    Could I get inside...i didn´t like sark a lot but in the 3rd season...i coudn´t evan believe my own feelings...
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    The first time you saw Michael Vartan

    I saw him for the first time in alias and from that moment i knew he would end up with syd...because he´s hot...
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    International Michael

    MV it´s...there´s no word to describe him...I´m from SPAIN
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    Greg Grunberg on House

    in spain its the next episode...i´ve been looking forward to see it cuse i love see my favourite caracters in other series
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    hi everyone~!

    Welcome to AA have fun posting...i´m new so i can´t help you much over here but PM if you need sth :)
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    Salamnca, Avila, Valladolid are interesting places where any educational function would go and of all of them i would bet you will go salamanca it´s a very important city with a lot of foreighn students because of the university...I study History there but now i´m not...i´m resting at home after...
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    How Hot is David?

    just WOW!!!
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    Season 3 Fav S/V Moment of Season 3

    Of course i´ve chosen the north corea moment but the hug was...
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    Wanna know a song - head for the AA GUIDE

    it doesn´t work PLEASE mend it i need to check some songs...Thanks