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    Season 3 in the UK

    Somebody shoot me if we aren't...
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    Season 1 That ending

    Y'know, I went through Season One firmly believing that Will was going to get himself killed (then again, I thought everyone but Syd was going to get killed at some point :D). What's worse is that I quickly came to love the guy as each episode passed. During this episode, I was preparing to...
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    Season 1 Cast Commentary on DVD

    Seen it twice, all in all. Bradley Cooper had me in stitches. Got to say, this cast really seem to get on great. Shame there isn't a group commentary on the Season Two set though...
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    New fan here

    Bought the Season One DVD set back in october/november, and began viewing Alias for the first time. Basically, I found it to be fantastic. When I got to the end of the season, I went online to see when Season Two was out, so that I could order it. I can't describe how gutted I was when I...