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    What portion of your game playing time is spent playing online multiplayer games?

    Pretty much all my game time is spent playing mmorpg. If I am not gaming, I spend most of my free time reading, or watching tv.
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    A Question of 'Builds'

    I personally despise the mentality that you have to have X piece of armor or Y weapon or you are somehow considered odd. I don't often have time to run through the 4-6 hr dungeon to have a chance at the best stuff. I enjoy playing a character and getting by on what I find in the world or what...
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    Art and Ingame Graphics : Weapon/Armor Realism

    I agree. Some of the armor in WoW borders on the ridiculous. I would prefer armor/weapons look a little more realistic in size. You should be able to add effects, but armor should look like armor. Besides, I kinda like the idea of a mage wearing a simple looking homespun robe, but with the...
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    That's it! I Quit! (figurative title)

    I agree that "leet" speak will turn me off to a game faster than anything. One other thing that will cause me to leave a game quickly is a lack of balance between solo and raid content. Not everyone has the time raid and the movement of some of the more popular titles out there seems to be...
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