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    This is really interesting :up: please pm me
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    hey just caught up wiv this story n its really great. I love the way you write Sydney's emotions You got it spot on! Please PM me! Em
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    Hey, this is really good! I love how Vaughn is being so nice to Sydney and Jadon even though he's only just met them. Please add me to the PM list. Em
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    Hey peeps!

    Hey, my name's Emily and I live in da UK. I absolutely adore Alias but only recently realised that these sites even existed! How dumb am I? :jawdrop: Wait, don't answer that! I've mostly read S/ V fanfiction so far and really wanted to comment on some of the really great stories so I...
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    The Ice Rink

    This is a really cool story. Syd n Michael's ex wife are gonna work together? Well that won't be awkward will it! Please send me a PM when u update :redhair: