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    what wig looks on sydny the best?

    don't know...just thought she's beautiful in blond...accentuates her beauty...but i also like the all-time sydney-wig RED...
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    Sydney Vs. Nadia

    syd's tougher than nadia...well,come to think of it, syd has more experience not only intellectually and physically but also emotionally....i think she can survive whatever's thrown unto her and she learns quickly from past mistakes...except probably when it comes to vaughn...(yikes-no offense...
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    Who do you want back from the dead?

    i picked AD...she's a good nemesis for syd...and there's so much unanswered questions in the show regarding her and the rambaldi thingy...and the original syd nemesis AE would also be a good thing, i think...
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    Season 1 danny dead or alive?

    no offense... but danny's dead! he's the past! he's a goner! he's sydney's past, in particular...he can't be alive...
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    hi! hope you have fun posting here in the site where alias addicted fans reign!!! lol anyway, :welcome:
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    Hi guys!

    hello!! :welcome: to AA! i think this is a wonderful site for alias fans, so i hope you'll also find it wonderful here... :cheers:
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    [Syd's Kick Ass Recruits]

    hey, guys! :jump: great missions...:oscar: haven't been visiting much the past few weeks...i was busy with my thesis stuff...anyway, now is our sembreak so i'm hopeful that i'll be more updated with the topics and missions here... :cheers:
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    New... newbie.

    hey!!! :welcome: to AA! and congrats for your adorable son! have fun posting!!!!
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    :welcome: to AA! hope you have fun!
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    How Old is Vaughn?

    hahahahah! yeah, that's right! he feels so superior! but i still love spydaddy!
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    Favorite Syd and Vaughn Moment

    the time when vaughn showed his father's broken's one of my favorite moments...not until their pagers beeped though...that kept me hanging for a while...
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    So who's Sydney's dad and why?

    it'd better be jack!!! sloane's way off!!!!
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    Hmm.. Vaughn or Sark

    yeah i think they have chemistry, i mean sark and sydney... but different kind of chemistry!!!! as in not love chemistry...... i don't think syd'll go for sark...too much past of sydney always wanting to apprehend sark...
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    Season 4 What Do You Want Most To Happen Next Season?

    i definitely want irina back!
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    Season 4 What You Don't Want to See

    i don't want to see: jack & katya together syd & vaughn together like nothing's happened marshall dead (i want him alive) (SkyGirl5, i like your sig.) :)
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