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    Season 5 React: 30 Seconds

    Did anyone else hear what Sloane said when Nadia threw pg 47 into the fire?? After re-watching it he runs to the fire and whispers "Sydney" and Nadia just looks shocked...then Sloane threw her into the table.
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    Season 5 React: 30 Seconds

    My jaw dropped when Nadia died. As upset as I was when Nadia and Renee died the episode was still amazing and can still shock me! Alias is the only show no matter how much I try to be spoiled- I'm always surprised. And next week I hope Vaughn realizes right away that it's not Sydney.
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    Season 5 Spoiler about episode 5.16 "Reprisal"

    In all fairness we only saw what Alison said she did to Francie- so it could of played out diffrently.
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    Alias Music Videos

    Here's a link to my Alias videos: Sweet Dreams There is also Alias videos featured in the other shows aread.
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    Season 5 Spoiler for "I See Dead People" (5x14)

    I think Sloane will start seeing Danny, Fancie, Emily and Dixon's wife...well thats what I'm hoping for anyway.
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    Great chapters, thanks for the PM :)
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    Foolish Ways

    Great chapters :D Thanks for the PM :) Great chapters :D Thanks for the PM :)
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    Season 5 New promo clip

    I saw it during Grey's Anatomy last night, I can't wait until April 19th!!! :D
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    Season 5 new ad for return aired tonight!

    Add me to the PM list too :D :D Thanks :)
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    Foolish Ways

    Great chapters :D :D Thanks for the pm :)
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    Alias Music Videos

    Hey everyone! You all have such great videos, I would love to see them entered at TV Video's awards. There's not many Alias vids in the contest yet and would love to see a couple there :D TV Video?
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    Season 5 After Hiatus Preview

    I saw Weiss in the clip :) If you look carefully he's helping Rachel :D
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    Foolish Ways

    Cute chapter :) Thanks for the PM and update soon :D
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    Alias Music Videos

    I've made a ton of Alias vids and have never posted any here for some reason, but this is my most recent: It's basically all abou the good guys vs bad guys it's to the song "Pretty Life" by Jakalope, it's face-paced and action packed, enjou :D Pretty Life
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    Restoring A Family

    Great chapters :) Update soon :D :D
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