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    GFX Arrggggg..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!D:

    Right click the file, and select 'Open with...' Then select the program you want it to open in. =]
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    Im New!

    How-do-you-do Aero xD Have fun!
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    Welcome! It's nice to have you here =]
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    C & C Da Big E's Gallery

    I love this one =D Nice work as usual..
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    Heyo, it's CHUNKYBOWSER

    Hello, welcome to Graphics Stop. Have fun and I look forward to viewing your gallery =]
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    Hello Eeyore. Have fun, and I look forward to viewing your gallery =]
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    *Insert Coin Game*

    Someone farts in your face =D -inserts coin-
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    HI! MKmaster Here

    'Ello there. Welcome to the forums. Here you can post your galleries and get advice etc. Plus the odd gerneral chat =D Have fun!
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    GFX What Graphics Prgram do you use?

    True. My version isn't legit, but you still get everything. If you want Photoshop, I can help you..
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    Hi, I am new here!

    Welcome Whitedevil. Have fun =]
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    Resources My Fav Font site

    I love this site. Been using it since late 2006 =]
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    Yo' =]

    I'm sorry, but what did that have to do with welcoming me?
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    What pet do you have?

    :shock: I cannot believe you just sayed that.
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    What pet do you have?

    How did your fish manage to "run away"?
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    GFX n00b question...

    Oops. Sorry.. It's just he didn't say Graphics 'General' Discussion so I thought he hadn't moved it.