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    Summer 2004

    :o I can't vote on this poll, I want to see almost all of them equally! lol, I think that the one I want to see the most is...King Arthur I guess. I wasn't really psyched about it but I saw a trailer for it the other day and :up: .
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    Kill Bill, Volumes 1 and 2

    Just saw Kill Bill Volume 2 for the second time. :D Possibly better than the first time I saw it. What's weird is I wasn't a Quentin Tarantino a few weeks ago, but my friend told me to watch Kill Bill Vol. 1 and I did. I got the DVD the day it came out. Usually I hate mostly-action and fighting...
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    Anti-Lauren Club

    An Anti-Lauren Club!!! What a wonderful idea! lol, I've despised the little man-stealing aussie since day 1 and wasn't at all surprised when we wfound out she was evil. And...she's just evil!!! I can't say anymore. She is a plague on Alias. A plague that needs to be stopped and have its ass...
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    Best Soundtrack

    I like... Moulin Rouge Chicago Daredevil A Walk to Remember Tomb Raider movie soundtracks Coyote Ugly and i can't think of any others right now, but i'm sure there's more
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    MC Solaar

    I had heard about MC Solaar a couple months ago in my french class when my teacher played "Armand est mort" which was just goofy, so I just figured MC Solaar didn't have any good music. But as I watched the Sex and the City finale last sunday, there was a great french song that played in it and...
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    New Britney Music Video

    Wow... I started this topic to point out the similarities between Britney's "Toxic" video and Alias and it has seemed to get a bit off-topic. lol
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    Angelina Jolie

    Just saw this on and thought it was cool: Angelina Jolie, 28: "I can no more imagine living without him than not breathing," said Angelina of her 2-year-old adopted son Maddox in January. The Oscar-winning actress's comments were in response to news that the agency that brokered her...
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    what is your motto ?

    No use crying over spilled milk. I don't know where it's from but it's a good motto.
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    Jennifer in New Film!

    A Stephen King movie?!? THAT'S AWESOME! I love Stephen Kings movies. I always get sucked into the mini series on TV. :reallyexcited: It's cool that JG is going to be in one. Does anyone know if this will be like a movie movie or another Stephen King mini series movie on TV? Either way, I'll...
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    Jen nominated for Golden Globe

    :lol: That's an awesome pic!!! I can't believe Jen didn't win that award! Not fair at all. I was tempted to throw something at my TV, but then realized my TV isn't at fault, it's the evil Hollywood Foreign Press. :angry:
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    Why does Ben have to be from Massachusetts?!?! lol, the local news station here loved talking about Bennifer and when they broke up officially, it was the news story of every local news channel. And during the world series, Ben and Jen we're at Fenway and they kept showing shots of them and it's...
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    The Passion of the Christ

    Ok, I'm a complete athiest but this movie looks kind of cool. :)
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    Crossings Ending...

    I just got the Damien Rice CD cause first I heard "Delicate" on Alias and then I heard "Cannonball" on The O.C. So, I got his CD, O, and it's wicked good!!! I'm now obsessed with his song "Cheers Darlin'" :D
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    :D I loved in last week's ep where they were having dinner in Grace's sister's apartment and Will made some joke and Jack was like, "I was gonna say that! Now I'll have to think of something else cute to say...OH! I know! ::makes cute face:: Hewwo." lol, he crackd me up.
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    I've been wanting to see this movie for a while but I saw the trailer (you can see it here) and it looks AWESOME! I had to watch it a couple times for the awe and coolness to sort of sink in. I can't wait until May 7th!
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