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    Scientists See Unique Gamma-Ray Burst

    Starship Engine? "The burst appears to have occurred near a galaxy that has old stars and is relatively nearby, about 2.7 billion light years away from Earth. " Maybe this is one of our neighbors starting up his new starship engine! Sounds like it needs a bit of tweaking in the pollution...
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    Buy your own x-wing fighter!

    warranty on x fighter I knew I should have gotten that extended warranty!!
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    Buy your own x-wing fighter!

    x-wing mechanic I already have one of these but can't find a mechanic in my rural area that can work on it. Apparently you need some type of special certification from the Empire. So now it just sits in my garage leaking weird liquids onto the concrete floor.:(
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    BSG Thoughts?

    Save me from commercials! I've never seen BSG. They should rename the SCI-FI channel the ALL COMMERCIALS ALL THE TIME channel. Seems like you watch ten minutes of programming, then 20 minutes of commercials! My mute button is nearly worn out from trying to watch this channel!
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    Next Trek Movie?

    Star Trek Blah :mad: Can I play devil's advocate here and ask how many other people besides me think that the entire Star trek premise has been beaten into the ground and should be allowed to finally be put to rest? Personally I'm sick of the whole Star Trek industry. Re-runs of the...
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    Who Collects Comic Books?

    Thanks Kevin. That is the character I remember so I may have my comics mixed up. I do remember the character of Dynamo, however.
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    Solar System in the Making

    Very interesting post. Great artist's conception!
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    book recommendations

    Kimberly: Try Gene Wolfe's Torturer series. Its slow going at first, but keep at and eventually you won't want it to stop! The first book is called "Shadow of the Torturer". I believe SFBC may sell it as an all-in-one book.;)
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    Who Collects Comic Books?

    comics I didn't really collect comics as a kid, I just read them! I had no idea they would be worth anything someday. I'd usually read them until they were dog-eared and ragged and then throw them out. My favorite was Superman and later I read the Fantastic Four. I also picked up some of...
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    The Best of CoolSciFi

    best part of coolscifi I think the best part is the forums. I find it interesting to see what everyone else is reading, watching or listening to. The galleries are a close second, there are some very good images in there.
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    Whats the worst book you ever read!?

    Kimberly, I felt the same way about poetry, ANY poetry, until I had to take a class in poetry in college. Luckily I had an excellent teacher who was passionate about the subject, and he changed my mind. The hard part of poetry is trying just to UNDERSTAND it , especially Shakespeare. But like...
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    Dragon Physics

    Apparently, the dragon lost it's wings and any ability to breathe fire during its evolution. See photo of the Komodo dragon below. Maybe we should ask Anne McAffrey her opinion, she's an expert you know! Komodo Dragons and Their Islands
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    Does anyone here read classics?

    I tried reading Hemingway(The Sun Also Rises) a few months ago, but after a few pages I realized that I hated his style-the sentences were almost all of identical length and I quickly grew bored with it. There are others I like such as 1984 by Orwell or Gone With The Wind (the book, not the...
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    Movies Collection

    I LOVED the first 2 Terminator movies. The third was okay but didn't have the good characterization of the first 2. The perfect vehicles for Arnold!!