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    Season 4 If vaughn isn't vaughn... who is he?

    I am at a loss for words really. I have a million different scenarios going on in my head. Now when season 4 comes out on DVD I'm going to have to go back and watch all 4 seasons AGAIN, so I can figure out how the heck they can up with this Vaughn isn't Vaughn thing. I definately don't think he...
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    Season 4 did anyone else hyperventilate?

    JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH! I never expected any of that to happen at the end. I was sitting on the couch with my hubby and it was at the part where Syd and Vaughn were in the car being all lovey dovey and I said to myself there's gotta be SOMETHING else....then whammo! Vaughn spills his guts and...