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    Complete my sentence

    were always playing with toys made by crazy frogs who drink blood with vodka shots that taste like straight booty from ugly disgusting dwarfs who pop zits with chopsticks while licking quickshot in his booty hole which is not clean with boogers that smell like Dookie while looking at manunited's...
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    What are you getting for xmas?

    Im just going to ask for clothes, new trainers. Not sure which trainers I want tho haha.
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    Favorite online browser?

    I love Firefox because of its speed really. If I go into IE it takes me alot longer to load up pages. Plus im just used to how Firefox is now and not so much with IE7.
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    C & C CJ

    I agree with Collat on how they look, and I love it. Your gfx is monsta.
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    C & C 2 latest

    I love both textless sigs.
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    C & C Naruto

    Its ok, prefer to see colour version.
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    C & C An1m3

    I really love how you did the text man. Looks great GJ.
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    C & C Britney Spears

    I know, it looked better in PS. I think I took away the curves layer and saved it over the other one by accident.
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    C & C Britney Spears

    Well my net wasn't working yesterday so I decided to make a sig.
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    C & C PN

    I really love your style Blitzah, make a tut sometime *wishes*. Lol.
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    C & C AbstractOOOOOOOOOH

    I thought you didn't really do much till you just posted the original stock. Its nice.
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    Almighty Fanatec!!!

    Nice =] ////10char
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    C & C Battle sig?????

    Really nice Sinz. Love it.