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    Real-life Wall-E

    Cool, I want one for my house. Can he do some chores for me?
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    What Game System Should I Own?

    This is not an accurate plan if you are planning to buy a console. My best bit for a new console is the PS3. For me it is the best among the next gen consoles out there.
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    What Are You Looking For?

    Scifi Arts and graphics. since this site has already featured tv-shows in the forums, i would like to have something about creativity! Let's post Arts And Graphics and make impressions!
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    Cool wooden sculptures

    those gigantic ones are absolutely amazing! i like the tank, the drums, the instruments and the huge robot like sculpture. Were they scraped from a one whole huge of wood or were they just built and attached from different pieces of wood?
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Right now I am listening to: Foo Fighters-The Pretender. This band is so great I love their new album.
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    [POLL] Do you still use film cameras?

    No, I am not using a film camera anymore because I am now into digital. For me digital is the way to go now because it is more easier and more convenient.
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Re: What kind of music are you listening to? I also have a mixture of favorites when it comes to music. Now, I'm loving pop punk music. I am also quite interested with The Beatle's music.
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    Rough Day

    I also have those rough days like yours. The difference is my back hurts not my feet. :D Sleep and television is my relaxation.
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    2008 Movie Box Office Listing

    I am waiting for the Dark Knight to come out in the cinemas. I just love the Batman series.
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Currently I am listening to Arctic monkeys-Mardy bum
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