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    Anti-Vaughn club

    sing me up, help me see the light :lol: cause i really don\t like the guy/beaten puppy :angry: ;) bye
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    Cool I\m number 71 if i'm not mistaken, but that's cool, nobody likes bad guys, not taht he would be bad, cause he's just sark, there should be a new word in the dictionary to describe just that, so we wouldn't struggle too find a word for him, or people kinda like that, sorry for the lack of...
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    So how exactly do you join the sarkoholics? I;m not very patient so I didn't actually read all th e28 pages before this one, or were there less :P So sign me up, hope I don't have to kill someone to join :unsure: :reallyexcited:
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    Salut Razvan, I'm from romania too, from Timisoara, nice to meet you :lol:
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    I'm from romania, and I just saw that some other romanians are around, I;m gonna go say hy, thanks for the nice welcome ^_^ :D
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    Sark or Vaughn

    Is that even a question? Sark obviously, Vaughn looks good but the beaten puppy can only go so far for him
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    Hy, I'm new here, tought I should join, cause I like talking about tv shows in general and Alias in particular, It would be nice to meet people that share my tastes, I'm a huge sark fan, so... Any trouble with that (I would add a smiley face but they don't seem to work):) I'll go hang around...